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计算机信息系统与工业管理:第18届国际会议,CISM 2019,塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德,2019年9月19-21日,会议记录-Computer Information Systems and Indust

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标题(title):Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management: 18th International Conference, CISIM 2019, Belgrade, Serbia, September 19–21, 2019, Proceedings
计算机信息系统与工业管理:第18届国际会议,CISM 2019,塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德,2019年9月19-21日,会议记录
作者(author):Khalid Saeed, Rituparna Chaki, Valentina Janev
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications, CISIM 2019, held in Belgrade, Serbia, in September 2019.

The 43 full papers presented together with 3 abstracts of keynotes were carefully reviewed and selected from 70 submissions. The main topics covered by the chapters in this book are biometrics, security systems, multimedia, classification and clustering, industrial management. Besides these, the reader will find interesting papers on computer information systems as applied to wireless networks, computer graphics, and intelligent systems. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: biometrics and pattern recognition applications; computer information systems; industrial management and other applications; machine learning and high performance computing; modelling and optimization; various aspects of computer security.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xx
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Evaluating Performance and Accuracy Improvements for Attention-OCR (Adam Brzeski, Kamil Grinholc, Kamil Nowodworski, Adam Przybyłek)....Pages 3-11
Multi-muscle MRI Texture Analysis for Therapy Evaluation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Dorota Duda)....Pages 12-24
An Online Pattern Based Activity Discovery: In Context of Geriatric Care (Moumita Ghosh, Sayan Chatterjee, Shubham Basak, Sankhayan Choudhury)....Pages 25-38
Ships Detection on Inland Waters Using Video Surveillance System (Tomasz Hyla, Natalia Wawrzyniak)....Pages 39-49
Signature Image Improvement with Gradient Adaptive Morphology (Kacper Sarnacki, Marcin Adamski, Khalid Saeed)....Pages 50-58
An Algorithm for Detecting the Expressive Musical Gestures of Violinists Based on IMU Signals (Aleksander Sawicki, Sławomir K. Zieliński)....Pages 59-71
An Algorithm for Exact Retinal Vein Extraction (Maciej Szymkowski, Dawid Najda, Khalid Saeed)....Pages 72-83
Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease with the Use of a Reduced Set of Patients’ Voice Features Samples (Krzysztof Wrobel)....Pages 84-95
Front Matter ....Pages 97-97
Big Data and the Internet of Things in Edge Computing for Smart City (Jerzy Balicki, Honorata Balicka, Piotr Dryja, Maciej Tyszka)....Pages 99-109
Some Artificial Intelligence Driven Algorithms For Mobile Edge Computing in Smart City (Jerzy Balicki, Piotr Dryja, Marcin Zakidalski)....Pages 110-119
Geographic Location Based Dynamic and Opportunistic RPL for Distributed Networks (Manali Chakraborty, Alvise Spano, Agostino Cortesi)....Pages 120-131
Dynamic Scheduling of Traffic Signal (DSTS) Management in Urban Area Network (Abantika Choudhury, Uma Bhattacharya, Rituparna Chaki)....Pages 132-143
Evaluation of the Existing Tools for Fake News Detection (Agata Giełczyk, Rafał Wawrzyniak, Michał Choraś)....Pages 144-151
A Model-Driven Approach for Simplified Cluster Based Test Suite Optimization of Industrial Systems – An Introduction to UMLTSO (Ayesha Kiran, Farooque Azam, Muhammad Waseem Anwar, Iqra Qasim, Hanny Tufail)....Pages 152-163
Linking Open Drug Data: Lessons Learned (Guma Lakshen, Valentina Janev, Sanja Vraneš)....Pages 164-175
Cluster Based Framework for Alleviating Buffer Based Congestion for Wireless Sensor Network (Soumyabrata Saha, Rituparna Chaki)....Pages 176-190
Type-Driven Cross-Programming for Android and LEGO Mindstorms Interoperability (Alvise Spanò, Agostino Cortesi, Giulio Zausa)....Pages 191-209
Front Matter ....Pages 211-211
Implementation of the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Principles for the Improvement of the Productivity in a Steel Company in Colombia (Lina María Altamar Guerra, Xiomara Noriega Fontalvo, Juan Carlos Cabarcas, Dionicio Neira, Javier Velasquez)....Pages 213-231
Teleagro: IOT Applications for the Georeferencing and Detection of Zeal in Cattle (Paola Ariza-Colpas, Roberto Morales-Ortega, Marlon Alberto Piñeres-Melo, Farid Melendez-Pertuz, Guillermo Serrano-Torné, Guillermo Hernandez-Sanchez et al.)....Pages 232-239
The Role of Innovation in Cloud–Based ERP Adoption (Thanh D. Nguyen, Tu T. Huynh, Uyen H. Van, Tien M. Pham)....Pages 240-252
Application of Work Study to Process Improvement: Fruit Nectar Case (Mayra A. Macías-Jiménez, Alfonso R. Romero-Conrado, Luis C. Acosta-Fontalvo, Jairo R. Coronado-Hernández)....Pages 253-264
UML Profiling for Software Systems in Medical Device Manufacturing (Muhammad Asim Minhas, Farooque Azam, Muhammad Waseem Anwar, Iqra Qasim, Hanny Tufail)....Pages 265-277
Economic Losses Reduction Through the Implementation of Statistical Process Control: Case Study in the Process of Medical Accounts in a Technology Company (Ginna Ospino Barraza, Dionicio Neira Rodado, Luz Adriana Borrero López, Javier Velásquez Rodríguez, Geraldin Royert)....Pages 278-290
Front Matter ....Pages 291-291
Production Effectiveness Improvement with the Use of Tabu Search (Anna Burduk, Kamil Musiał, Dagmara Górnicka, Joanna Kochańska)....Pages 293-302
Gentle AdaBoost Algorithm with Score Function Dependent on the Distance to Decision Boundary (Robert Burduk, Wojciech Bozejko)....Pages 303-310
Software Development Metrics Prediction Using Time Series Methods (Michał Choraś, Rafał Kozik, Marek Pawlicki, Witold Hołubowicz, Xavier Franch)....Pages 311-323
Tag-Cloud Based Recommendation for Movies (Sambo Dutta, Soumita Das, Joydeep Das, Subhashis Majumder)....Pages 324-336
Real Time Key Frame Extraction Through Parallel Computation of Entropy Difference (Nandita Gautam, Debdoot Das, Sunirmal Khatua, Banani Saha)....Pages 337-346
Sequence Analysis for Relationship Pattern Extraction (Tomáš Martinovič, Kateřina Janurová, Jan Martinovič, Kateřina Slaninová, Václav Svatoň)....Pages 347-358
Performance of User Data Collections Uploads to HPCaaS Infrastructure (Pavel Moravec, Jan Kožusznik, Michal Krumnikl, Jana Klímová)....Pages 359-369
Research of the Possibilities of Neural Network Predictive Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes Based on Singularly Perturbed Problems (Assiya Zhumanazarova, Young Im Cho)....Pages 370-382
Front Matter ....Pages 383-383
Multi-criteria Decision Making Problem for Doing Business: Comparison Between Approaches of Individual and Group Decision Making (Daniela Borissova, Dilian Korsemov, Ivan Mustakerov)....Pages 385-396
The Modeling of a Programming Language Syntax Based on Positional Entropy (Marcin Cholewa)....Pages 397-409
Two FPGA Devices in the Problem of Finding Minimal Reducts (Mateusz Choromański, Tomasz Grześ, Piotr Hońko)....Pages 410-420
An Event-Based Parameterized Active Scheduler for Classical Job Shop Problem (Luis Carlos dos Santos Júnior, Aparecida de Fátima Castello Rosa, Fabio Henrique Pereira)....Pages 421-432
Lossless and Lossy Audio Codecs for Low-Performance Microcontrollers for Use in IoT (Tomasz Grzes)....Pages 433-444
Performance and Resilience to Failures of an Cloud-Based Application: Monolithic and Microservices-Based Architectures Compared (Michał Jagiełło, Marian Rusek, Waldemar Karwowski)....Pages 445-456
Design of a State Estimation Considering Model Predictive Control Strategy for a Nonlinear Water Tanks Process (Wiktor Jakowluk)....Pages 457-468
Balanced Power, Speed and Area Minimization of Finite State Machines for FPGA Devices (Adam Klimowicz)....Pages 469-480
An Addressing Scheme for Massive Sensor Networks (Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Nabendu Chaki, Sankhayan Choudhury)....Pages 481-492
Coding Techniques in Verilog for Finite State Machine Designs in FPGA (Valery Salauyou, Łukasz Zabrocki)....Pages 493-505
Front Matter ....Pages 507-507
CollabChain: Blockchain-Backed Trustless Web-Based Volunteer Computing Platform (K. S. Sagar Bharadwaj, Samvid Dharanikota, Adarsh Honawad, K. Chandrasekaran)....Pages 509-522
A Fast Method for Security Protocols Verification (Olga Siedlecka-Lamch, Sabina Szymoniak, Miroslaw Kurkowski)....Pages 523-534
Back Matter ....Pages 535-536
计算机信息系统与工业管理:第18届国际会议,CISM 2019,塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德,2019年9月19-21日,会议记录-Computer Information Systems and Indust
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