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翻译与语用手册-The Routledge handbook of translation and pragmatics

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标题(title):The Routledge handbook of translation and pragmatics
作者(author):Desilla, Louisa; Tipton, Rebecca
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Table of contents :
1. Speech acts and translation / Silvia Bruti --
2. Im/politeness and Interpreting / Rachel Mapson --
3. Cognitive pragmatics and Translation Studies / Fabrizio Gallai --
4. Corpus-based Studies on Interpreting and Pragmatics / Bernd Meyer --
5. Experimental Pragmatics Meets Audiovisual Translation: Tackling Methodological Challenges in Researching How Film Audiences Understand Implicatures / Louisa Desilla --
6. Contrastive Approaches to Pragmatics and Translation / Svenja Kranich --
7. Critical Pragmatic Insights into (Mis)translation in the News / Jan Chovanec --
8. Pointing, Telling, and Showing: Multimodal Dietic Enrichment during In-vision News Sign Language Translation / Christopher Stone --
9. Advertising Translation and Pragmatics / Cristina Valdés --
10.'The relations of signs to interpreters': Translating Readers and Characters from English to Italian / Massimiliano Morini --
11. I'm so sorry to disturb you but I wonder if I could have your autograph versus ¿Me firma un autógrafo por favor? Contrastive (In)Directeness in Subtitling / Carlos De Pablos-Ortega --
12. Sign Language Interpreting, Pragmatics and Theatre Translation / Siobhán Rocks --
13. Poetry Translation and Pragmatics / Marta Dahlgren --
14. Vagueness-specificity in English-Greek Scientific Translation / Maria Sidiropoulou --
15. Pragmatic Aspects of Scientific and Technical Translation / Federica Scarpa --
16. Counselling and the Translation Brief: The Role of the Translation Dialogue in the Translation Discourse Material / Sigmund Kvam --
17. Pragmatics and Agency in Healthcare Interpreting / Claudio Baraldi --
18. Public Service Interpreting in Educational Settings: Issues of Politeness and Interpersonal Relationships / Mireia Vargas-Urpi --
19. Action Research and its Impact on the Development of Pragmatic Competence in the Translation and Interpreting Classroom / Ineke Crezee and Jo Anna Burn --
20. Translation, Pragmatics, and Social Media / Renée Desjardins --
21. The Role of Non-verbal Elements in Legal Interpreting: A Study of a Cross-border Interpreter-mediated Videoconference Witness Hearing / Katalin Balogh and Heidi Salaets --
22. Stating the Obvious? Implicature, Explicature and Audiodescription / Louise Fryer --
翻译与语用手册-The Routledge handbook of translation and pragmatics
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