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不确定的时间:一个真实的故事-Unbillable Hours: A True Story

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标题(title):Unbillable Hours: A True Story
作者(author):Graham, Ian; Rocha, Mario
出版社(publisher):Kaplan Publishing
大小(size):478 kB (489452 bytes)

The storypart memoir, part hard-hitting exposeof a first-year law associate negotiating the arduous path through a system designed to break those who enter it before it makes them. Landing a job at a prestigious L.A. law firm, complete with a six figure income, signaled the beginning of the good life for Ian Graham. But the harsh reality of life as an associate quickly became evident. The work was grueling and boring, the days were impossibly long, and Grahams main goal was to rack up billable hours. But when he took an unpaid pro bono case to escape the drudgery, Graham found the meaning in his work that hed been looking for. As he worked to free Mario Rocha, a gifted young Latino who had been wrongly convicted at 16 and sentenced to life without parole, the shocking contrast between the quest for money and power and Marios desperate struggle for freedom led Graham to look long and hard at his future as a corporate lawyer. Clear-eyed and moving, written with the drama and speed of a John Grisham novel and the personal appeal of Scott Turows account of his law school years, Unbillable Hours is an arresting personal story with implications for all of us.
Table of contents :
Content: I'm going to prison --
Make me an offer --
Welcome back --
Baby sharks --
Monkey scribe --
Murder in the barrio --
Dreams of freedom --
God boxed me in --
Right to counsel --
Denied --
You're going to save his life --
You'll do fine --
Nice to meet you --
These deficiencies have cost me --
Strike two --
As good as it gets --
A lengthy process --
What's this? --
A strongly-worded decision --
A good question.
不确定的时间:一个真实的故事-Unbillable Hours: A True Story
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