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密码学理论:第17届国际会议,TCC 2019,纽伦堡,德国,2019年12月1-5日,会议记录,第一部分-Theory of Cryptography: 17th International Con

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标题(title):Theory of Cryptography: 17th International Conference, TCC 2019, Nuremberg, Germany, December 1–5, 2019, Proceedings, Part I
密码学理论:第17届国际会议,TCC 2019,纽伦堡,德国,2019年12月1-5日,会议记录,第一部分
作者(author):Dennis Hofheinz, Alon Rosen
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The two-volume set LNCS 11891 and 11892 constitutes the proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Theory of Cryptography, TCC 2019, held in Nuremberg, Germany, in December 2019.
The 43 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 147 submissions. The Theory of Cryptography Conference deals with the paradigms, approaches, and techniques used to conceptualize natural cryptographic problems and provide algorithmic solutions to them and much more.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Algebraically Structured LWE, Revisited (Chris Peikert, Zachary Pepin)....Pages 1-23
Lattice Trapdoors and IBE from Middle-Product LWE (Alex Lombardi, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Thuy Duong Vuong)....Pages 24-54
Matrix PRFs: Constructions, Attacks, and Applications to Obfuscation (Yilei Chen, Minki Hhan, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Hoeteck Wee)....Pages 55-80
Obfuscated Fuzzy Hamming Distance and Conjunctions from Subset Product Problems (Steven D. Galbraith, Lukas Zobernig)....Pages 81-110
A Black-Box Construction of Fully-Simulatable, Round-Optimal Oblivious Transfer from Strongly Uniform Key Agreement (Daniele Friolo, Daniel Masny, Daniele Venturi)....Pages 111-130
Synchronous Consensus with Optimal Asynchronous Fallback Guarantees (Erica Blum, Jonathan Katz, Julian Loss)....Pages 131-150
Predicate Encryption from Bilinear Maps and One-Sided Probabilistic Rank (Josh Alman, Robin Hui)....Pages 151-173
Optimal Bounded-Collusion Secure Functional Encryption (Prabhanjan Ananth, Vinod Vaikuntanathan)....Pages 174-198
From FE Combiners to Secure MPC and Back (Prabhanjan Ananth, Saikrishna Badrinarayanan, Aayush Jain, Nathan Manohar, Amit Sahai)....Pages 199-228
(Pseudo) Random Quantum States with Binary Phase (Zvika Brakerski, Omri Shmueli)....Pages 229-250
General Linear Group Action on Tensors: A Candidate for Post-quantum Cryptography (Zhengfeng Ji, Youming Qiao, Fang Song, Aaram Yun)....Pages 251-281
Composable and Finite Computational Security of Quantum Message Transmission (Fabio Banfi, Ueli Maurer, Christopher Portmann, Jiamin Zhu)....Pages 282-311
On Fully Secure MPC with Solitary Output (Shai Halevi, Yuval Ishai, Eyal Kushilevitz, Nikolaos Makriyannis, Tal Rabin)....Pages 312-340
Secure Computation with Preprocessing via Function Secret Sharing (Elette Boyle, Niv Gilboa, Yuval Ishai)....Pages 341-371
Efficient Private PEZ Protocols for Symmetric Functions (Yoshiki Abe, Mitsugu Iwamoto, Kazuo Ohta)....Pages 372-392
The Function-Inversion Problem: Barriers and Opportunities (Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Dmitry Kogan)....Pages 393-421
On the Complexity of Collision Resistant Hash Functions: New and Old Black-Box Separations (Nir Bitansky, Akshay Degwekar)....Pages 422-450
Characterizing Collision and Second-Preimage Resistance in Linicrypt (Ian McQuoid, Trevor Swope, Mike Rosulek)....Pages 451-470
Efficient Information-Theoretic Secure Multiparty Computation over \(\mathbb {Z}/p^k\mathbb {Z}\) via Galois Rings (Mark Abspoel, Ronald Cramer, Ivan Damgård, Daniel Escudero, Chen Yuan)....Pages 471-501
Is Information-Theoretic Topology-Hiding Computation Possible? (Marshall Ball, Elette Boyle, Ran Cohen, Tal Malkin, Tal Moran)....Pages 502-530
Channels of Small Log-Ratio Leakage and Characterization of Two-Party Differentially Private Computation (Iftach Haitner, Noam Mazor, Ronen Shaltiel, Jad Silbak)....Pages 531-560
On Perfectly Secure 2PC in the OT-Hybrid Model (Bar Alon, Anat Paskin-Cherniavsky)....Pages 561-595
Back Matter ....Pages 597-598
密码学理论:第17届国际会议,TCC 2019,纽伦堡,德国,2019年12月1-5日,会议记录,第一部分-Theory of Cryptography: 17th International Con
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