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北美日耳曼传统语言的获取、损耗与变迁-Germanic heritage languages in North America : acquisition, attrition and change

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标题(title):Germanic heritage languages in North America : acquisition, attrition and change
作者(author):Johannessen, Janne Bondi; Salmons, Joseph C.
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Table of contents :
1. The study of Germanic heritage languages in the Americas (by Johannessen, Janne Bondi)
2. Part I. Acquisition and attrition
3. Word Order Variation in Norwegian Possessive Constructions: Bilingual Acquisition and Attrition (by Westergaard, Marit)
4. Attrition in an American Norwegian Heritage Language Speaker (by Johannessen, Janne Bondi)
5. Reexamining Icelandic as a Heritage Language in North America (by Arnbjornsdottir, Birna)
6. Part II. Phonetic and phonological change
7. Heritage Language Obstruent Phonetics and Phonology: American Norwegian and Norwegian-American English (by Allen, Brent)
8. The History of Front Rounded Vowels in New Braunfels German (by Pierce, Marc)
9. Part III. (Morpho-)syntactic and pragmatic change
10. Functional Convergence and Extension in Contact: Syntactic and Semantic Attributes of the Progressive Aspect in Pennsylvania Dutch (by Brown, Joshua R.)
11. Hybrid Verb Forms in American Norwegian and the Analysis of the Syntactic Relation between the Verb and its Tense (by Afarli, Tor A.)
12. Discourse Markers in the Narratives of New York Hasidim: More V2 Attrition (by Kahan Newman, Zelda)
13. Part IV. Lexical change
14. Maintaining a Multilingual Repertoire: Lexical Change in American Norwegian (by Annear, Lucas)
15. How Synagogues Became Shuls: The Boomerang Effect in Yiddish-Influenced English, 1895-2010 (by Benor, Sarah Bunin)
16. Phonological Non-integration of Lexical Borrowings in Wisconsin West Frisian (by Ehresmann, Todd)
17. Borrowing Modal Elements into American Norwegian: The Case of suppose(d) (by Eide, Kristin Melum)
18. Part V. Variation and real-time change
19. Changes in a Norwegian Dialect in America (by Hjelde, Arnstein)
20. On Two Myths of the Norwegian Language in America: Is it Old-Fashioned? Is it Approaching the Written Bokmal Standard? (by Johannessen, Janne Bondi)
21. Coon Valley Norwegians Meet Norwegians from Norway: Language, Culture and Identity among Heritage Language Speakers in the U. S. (by Golden, Anne)
22. Variation and Change in American Swedish (by Larsson, Ida)
23. On the Decrease of Language Norms in a Disintegrating Language (by Smits, Caroline)
24. Index of languages and dialects
25. Index of authors
26. Index of subjects
北美日耳曼传统语言的获取、损耗与变迁-Germanic heritage languages in North America : acquisition, attrition and change
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