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生物考古学中的性别探索-Exploring Sex and Gender in Bioarchaeology

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标题(title):Exploring Sex and Gender in Bioarchaeology
作者(author):Sabrina C. Agarwal and Julie K. Wesp
出版社(publisher):University of New Mexico Press
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This volume brings together the latest approaches in bioarchaeology in the study of sex and gender. Archaeologists have long used skeletal remains to identify gender. Contemporary bioarchaeologists, however, have begun to challenge the theoretical and methodological basis for sex assignment from the skeleton. Simultaneously, they have started to consider the cultural construction of the gendered body and gender roles, recognizing the body as uniquely fashioned from the interaction of biological, social, and environmental factors. As the contributors to this volume reveal, combining skeletal data with contextual information can provide a richer understanding of life in the past.
Table of contents :
Front Cover......Page 1
Title Page......Page 4
Copyright......Page 5
Contents......Page 6
Preface / Sabrina C. Agarwal and Julie K. Wesp......Page 8
1: Sex, Gender, and Anthropology: Moving Bioarchaeology Outside the Subdiscipline / Rosemary A. Joyce......Page 12
Part I: Theoretical Approaches to Sex and Gender in the Past......Page 24
2: Bones, Biases, and Birth: Excavating Contemporary Gender Norms from Reproductive Bodies of the Past / Dana Walrath......Page 26
3: Bioarchaeological Approaches to Nonbinary Genders: Case Studies from Native North America / Sandra E. Hollimon......Page 62
4: Brave Old World: Ancient DNA Testing and Sex Determination / Pamela L. Geller......Page 82
5: Embodying Sex/Gender Systems in Bioarchaeological Research / Julie K. Wesp......Page 110
Part II: Bioarchaeological Reconstructions of Gendered Identity, Health, and Disease......Page 138
6: On the Stories of Men and the Substance of Women: Interrogating Gender through Violence / Shannon A. Novak......Page 140
7: Understanding Sex- and Gender-Related Patterns of Bone Loss and Health in the Past: A Case Study from the Neolithic Community of Çatalhöyük / Sabrina C. Agarwal......Page 176
8: Sex and Frailty: Patterns from Catastrophic and Attritional Assemblages in Medieval Europe / Sharon N. DeWitte......Page 200
9: Mercury in the Midst of Mars and Venus: Reconstructing Gender, Sexuality, and Socioeconomic Status in Relation to Mercury Treatment for Syphilis in Seventeenth- to Nineteenth-Century London / Molly K. Zuckerman......Page 234
10: Bioarchaeology of Oral Health: Sex and Gender Differences in Dental Disease / John R. Lukacs......Page 274
Index......Page 302
Back Cover......Page 307

生物考古学中的性别探索-Exploring Sex and Gender in Bioarchaeology
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