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北安普敦郡考古-The Archaeology of Northamptonshire

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标题(title):The Archaeology of Northamptonshire
作者(author):Martin Tingle (ed.)
出版社(publisher):Northamptonshire Archaeological Society
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1974 was marked by two important events for the archaeology of Northamptonshire. One was the formation of the Northamptonshire Archaeological Society and the other, the publication of "The Northamptonshire Landscape" by John Steane as part of the series of works edited by W. G. Hoskins entitled "The Making of the English Landscape".

Thirty years later the NAS was still going strong and it was decided that a new account of the county's archaeological record should be published. The book, "The Archaeology of Northamptonshire" was published 30 November 2004, with 200 pages and 125 illustrations (B&W and colour).
Table of contents :
List of Illustrations vii
Acknowledgements ix
Chapter 1: Archaeology in Northamptonshire / MARTIN TINGLE 1
Chapter 2: Paleolithic and Mesolithic / GREG PHILLIPS AND ALEXANDER (SANDY) KIDD 15
Chapter 3: The Monument builders: The Neolithic and Bronze Ages / ANDY CHAPMAN 25
Chapter 4: Northamptonshire in the First Millennium BC / ALEXANDER (SANDY) KIDD 44
Chapter 5: The Roman Period / JEREMY TAYLOR AND MYK FLITCROFT 63
Chapter 6 The Anglo-Saxon Period / TONY BROWN AND GLENN FOARD 78
Chapter 7: Medieval Northamptonshire / GLENN FOARD 102
Chapter 8: Post Medieval Northamptonshire (1500-1750) / DAVID HALL 134
Chapter 9: Northamptonshire in the Industrial Period (1750-1960) / JENNY BALLINGER 149
Chapter 10: Archaeology in the Future / MARTIN TINGLE et al 167
Bibliography 179
Index 187
北安普敦郡考古-The Archaeology of Northamptonshire
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