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马库斯·奥里留-The Essential Marcus Aurelius

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标题(title):The Essential Marcus Aurelius
作者(author):Marcus Aurelius; John Piazza; Jacob Needleman
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The late antique world possessed no voice like that of Roman emperorMarcus Aurelius(AD 121-180). His meditations on what constitutes a good life have withstood the centuries and reach us today with a force that has not diminished.
In this remarkable new translation, philosopherJacob Needlemanand classics scholarJohn P. Piazzareveal Marcus Aurelius not only in light of his philosophical ideas, but as a great practitioner who struggled to live according to those ideas.
The voice that emerges from their translation is a universal one that stands within the stream of the wisdom traditions of every historic faith. While rooted in the Stoic philosophy of Greece and Rome, it is recognizable to students of early Christianity and Buddhism, of the Vedas and the Talmud, and to all who seriously search for meaning in contemporary life.
The translators' selection process has also been guided by the intention of making Marcus's thought vividly accessible to the general reader. They frame the translation with concise, relevant introductions that tell who Marcus was and provide a fresh, while historically grounded, way of entering this deeply powerful work. Also included are a glossary of terms; spare yet helpful notes that do not cloud the text; and recommendations for further reading.

马库斯·奥里留-The Essential Marcus Aurelius
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