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美国生命伦理学的发展-The development of bioethics in the United States

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标题(title):The development of bioethics in the United States
作者(author):Ralston, David Christopher; Jotterand, Fabrice; Garrett, Jeremy R
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"In only four decades, bioethics has transformed from a fledgling field into a complex, rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary field of inquiry and practice. Its influence can be found not only in our intellectual and biomedical institutions, but also in almost every facet of our social, cultural, and political life. This volume maps the remarkable development of bioethics in American culture, uncovering the important historical factors that brought it into existence, analyzing its cultural, philosophical, and professional dimensions, and surveying its potential future trajectories. Bringing together a collection of original essays by seminal figures in the fields of medical ethics and bioethics, it addresses such questions as the following: are there precise moments, events, socio-political conditions, legal cases, and/or works of scholarship to which we can trace the emergence of bioethics as a field of inquiry in the United States; what is the relationship between the historic-causal factors that gave birth to bioethics and the factors that sustain and encourage its continued development today?; is it possible and/or useful to view the history of bioethics in discrete periods with well-defined boundaries?; if so, are there discernible forces that reveal why transitions occurred when they did? what are the key concepts that ultimately frame the field and how have they evolved and developed over time?; is the field of bioethics in a period of transformation into biopolitics?"--Unedited summary from book cover.  Read more...
Abstract: This volume of original essays reviews the development of bioethics in American culture, exposing the historical factors that led to its genesis, analyzing its cultural, philosophical and professional dimensions, and surveying its potential future trajectory.  Read more...
Table of contents :
Content: The development of bioethics in the United States: an introduction / Jeremy R. Garrett, Fabrice Jotterand, D. Christopher Ralston --
pt. 1. The birth of bioethics: historical analysis --
The beginnings of bioethics / Eric J. Cassell --
Teaching at the University of Texas Medical branch, 1971-1974: humanities, ethics, or both? / Howard Brody --
Andre Hellegers, the Kennedy Institute, and the development of bioethics: the American-European connection / John Collins Harvey --
Bioethics as a liberal Roman Catholic heresy: critical reflections on the founding of bioethics / H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. --
pt. 2. The nature of bioethics: cultural and philosophical analysis --
A Corrective for bioethical malaise: revisiting the cultural influences that shaped the identity of bioethics / Warren T. Reich --
American biopolitics / George J. Annas --
Medicine and philosophy: the coming together of an old couple / Carson Strong --
The growth of bioethics as a second-order discipline / Loretta M. Kopelman --
pt. 3. The practice of bioethics: professional dimensions --
The development of bioethics: bringing physician ethics into the moral consensus / Robert M. Veatch --
Professionalism vs. medical ethics in the current era: a battle of giants? / Edmund L. Erde --
The role of an ideology of anti-paternalism in the development of American bioethics / Laurence B. McCullough --
pt. 4. The future of bioethics: looking ahead --
Themes and schemes in the development of biomedical ethics / Richard M. Zaner --
Medical ethics and moral philosophy in an era of bioethics / Edmund D. Pellegrino --
Prolegomena to any future bioethics / Albert R. Jonsen.


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美国生命伦理学的发展-The development of bioethics in the United States
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