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粒子物理与标准模型简介-An Introduction to Particle Physics and the Standard Model

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标题(title):An Introduction to Particle Physics and the Standard Model
作者(author):Mann, Robert
出版社(publisher):CRC Press
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... thoroughly recommended for a final-year specialist or first-year postgraduate study level especially for those engaged in experimental high energy physics research. The author has performed an excellent service in making accessible the language and results of field theory applied to elementary particle physics.-John J. Quenby, Contemporary Physics, 52, 2011The first chapter shows how clearly the author can write and even though the subject matter gets more complex through the book, the clarity continues. ... giv[es] readers greater insights into how the maths and the reality match (or don't ma. Read more...
Abstract: Emphasizing the connections between particle physics and the rest of the physics field, this book provides an organizational framework for understanding modern particle physics. It presents a standard model of strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions. Read more...
Table of contents :
Content: Front cover
Further Reading
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2. A Review of Special Relativity
Chapter 3. Symmetries
Chapter 4. Conservation Laws
Chapter 5. Particle Classification
Chapter 6. Discrete Symmetries
Chapter 7. Accelerators
Chapter 8. Detectors
Chapter 9. Scattering
Chapter 10. A Toy Theory
Chapter 11. Wave Equations for Elementary Particles
Chapter 12. Gauge Invariance
Chapter 13. Quantum Electrodynamics
Chapter 14. Testing QED
Chapter 15. From Nuclei to Quarks
Chapter 16. The Quark Model Chapter 17. Testing the Quark ModelChapter 18. Heavy Quarks and QCD
Chapter 19. From Beta Decay to Weak Interactions
Chapter 20. Charged Leptonic Weak Interactions
Chapter 21. Charged Weak Interactions of Quarks and Leptons
Chapter 22. Electroweak Unification
Chapter 23. Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Chapter 24. Testing Electroweak Theory
Chapter 25. Beyond the Standard Model
Appendix A. Notation and Conventions
Appendix B. Kronecker Delta and Levi-Civita Symbols
Appendix C. Dirac Delta-Functions
Appendix D. Pauli and Dirac Matrices
Appendix E. Cross-Sections and Decay Rates Appendix F. Clebsch-Gordon CoefficientsAppendix G. Fundamental Constants
Appendix H. Properties of Elementary Particles
Appendix I. Feynman Rules for the Standard Model
Appendix J. The Large Hadron Rap
Back cover
粒子物理与标准模型简介-An Introduction to Particle Physics and the Standard Model
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