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重新思考鲁弗斯:对被奴役男子的性侵犯-Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men

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标题(title):Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men
作者(author):Thomas A. Foster
出版社(publisher):University of Georgia Press
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Rethinking Rufus is the first book-length study of sexual violence against enslaved men. Scholars have extensively documented the widespread sexual exploitation and abuse suffered by enslaved women, with comparatively little attention paid to the stories of men. However, a careful reading of extant sources reveals that sexual assault of enslaved men also occurred systematically and in a wide variety of forms, including physical assault, sexual coercion, and other intimate violations.

To tell the story of men such as Rufus―who was coerced into a sexual union with an enslaved woman, Rose, whose resistance of this union is widely celebrated―historian Thomas A. Foster interrogates a range of sources on slavery: early American newspapers, court records, enslavers’ journals, abolitionist literature, the testimony of formerly enslaved people collected in autobiographies and in interviews, and various forms of artistic representation. Foster’s sustained examination of how black men were sexually violated by both white men and white women makes an important contribution to our understanding of masculinity, sexuality, the lived experience of enslaved men, and the general power dynamics fostered by the institution of slavery. Rethinking Rufus illuminates how the conditions of slavery gave rise to a variety of forms of sexual assault and exploitation that affected all members of the community.
Table of contents :
Cover......Page 1
Half Title......Page 2
Title......Page 6
Copyright......Page 7
Dedication......Page 8
Contents......Page 10
List of Illustrations......Page 12
Acknowledgments......Page 14
Introduction The Rape of Rufus? Sexual Violence against Enslaved Men......Page 20
Chapter 1: “Remarkably Muscular and Well Made” or “Covered with Ulcers” Enslaved Black Men’s Bodies......Page 30
Chapter 2: “No Man Can Be Prevented from Visiting His Wife” Manly Autonomy and Intimacy......Page 50
Chapter 3: “Just Like Raising Stock and Mating It” Coerced Reproduction......Page 65
Chapter 4: “Frequently Heard Her Threaten to Sell Him” Relations between White Women and Enslaved Black Men......Page 87
Chapter 5: “Till I Had Mastered Every Part” Valets, Vulnerability, and Same- Gender Relations under Slavery......Page 104
Conclusion Rethinking Rufus......Page 132
Appendix: Full Text of WPA Interview with Rose Williams......Page 136
Notes......Page 140
Bibliography......Page 174
Index......Page 186

重新思考鲁弗斯:对被奴役男子的性侵犯-Rethinking Rufus: Sexual Violations of Enslaved Men
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