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开始你的室内设计师生涯-Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer

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标题(title):Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer
作者(author):Robert K. Hale & Thomas L. Williams
出版社(publisher):Allworth Press
大小(size):671 kB (687157 bytes)

Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer contains all the necessary tools and strategies to successfully launch and grow a professional design business in the competitive world of interior design. Drawing on the authors' extensive experience, this book includes case studies, and personal anecdotes that help teach you how to:; Choose a design field; Obtain and keep clients; Garner referrals; Market and position your business; Bid competitively on projects; Manage sales; Organize a budget; Manage start-up costs and cash flow; Promote your business; Branch out into product and archi.  Read more...
Abstract: A guide to the ins and outs of running an interior design firm. Suitable for students of interior design, it contains tools and strategies to successfully launch and grow a professional design business in the ultra competitive world of modern residential interior design.  Read more...
Table of contents :
Content: Title Page
Chapter 1: Designs on an Industry: It's Not a Job, It's an Adventure
Birth of the Cool
Early Career Tracks
The Professional Organizations
Case Study: Billy Baldwin
Chapter 2: The State of Interior Design: Staking Your Claim in a Boom Industry
State of the Industry
The Designer as Modern Tastemaker
The Modern Designer's Challenge
Understanding the Modern Client
The Glamour Complex
Bad Buzz
The Media's Influence on Design
Chapter 3: Cutting Your Teeth in the Real World: Do You Have the Chops? Finding Where You BelongGame-Planning for Success
Case Study: Applegate Tran Interiors
The Bottom Line on Diving In
Chapter 4: Understanding Design Segments: The Art of Interior Design
Residential Design
Nonresidential or Commercial Design
Case Study: Auer Design Associates
Product Design
Designing Within a Retail Environment
Architectural Design
Case Study: The Trouble with Architects
Final Thoughts on Choosing a Design Segment
Chapter 5: Plunging Off the Designer High Dive: On Starting Your Own Business
Building Your Own Yellow Brick Road
The Hale-Williams Entrepreneurial Test. Final Thoughts on Taking the PlungeChapter 6: Defining Your Dream: Understanding Models, Pricing, and Fees
If You Build It
How Is Your Business Structured?
Case Study: Tom's Business Model Education
The Skinny on Business Education
Understanding Pricing Methods
Case Study: Designer Schadenfreude Rears Its Ugly Head
The Hale-Williams Pricing Formula
Billing Methods
An Industry Divided
Don't Panic and Lower Rates
The Pricing "Triple Crown"
Chapter 7: Marketing Your Business: Networking, Public Relations, and Advertising
Marketing: The Big Picture
The Elevator Speech. 24/7 MarketingSizing Up Your Target Market
Marketing: The Holy Trinity
Case Study: The Importance of a Web Site Tanya Shively, Sesshu Design Associates, Ltd.
Branding Your Business
Case Study: Positioning an East Coast Luxury Brand
Chapter 8: How to Attract Clients: Selling Yourself in the Design World
Awaken Your Inner Salesperson
Designing Your Sales Philosophy
Fishing for New Clients
The First Client Interview
How to Qualify a Client
The Client Presentation
Selling Is Part of the Equation
Always Be Closing
Case Study: Grading on a Bell Curve. Chapter 9: Setting Up Your Design Studio: Getting It Right the First TimeBorn to Run
Office Space
Equipping Your Studio
Setting Up Your Books
Human Resources
Chapter 10: Building Your Village: Procurement, Delivery, and Installation
Getting Your Village On Board
Populating Your Design Universe
Strategic Partnerships
Establishing Your Village
Expanding Your Network
Thinking Outside the Box
Receiving, Invoicing, and Billing
Delivery and Installation
Chapter 11: Client Management: Game-Planning Your Design Business
Client Management
Nine Rules of Client Engagement Kiss the Bums Goodbye
Plotting a game plan for your business
Case study: A weekend in the country
Managing your money
Case study: Mark cutler design, Inc.
Preparing the unprepared. Chapter 12: The state of interior design: now and beyond
There is nothing so constant as change
We're off to see th wizard
The new bull's eye
A thoroughly modern studio
Around another corner
开始你的室内设计师生涯-Starting Your Career as an Interior Designer
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