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作者(author):David H. Jensen
出版社(publisher):Fortress Press
大小(size):897 kB (918570 bytes)

This lively volume attempts to show how central Christian convictions inform the age-old practices of parenting and how the experience and practice of parenting shape Christian faith today. By paying special attention to some of the challenges and issues of parenting in a globalized world, the book offers a fresh vision of parenting that promotes justice, human flourishing, and recognition that all people are children of God.
About the Author
David H. Jensen is Professor of Constructive Theology at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His most recent books are Living Hope: The Future and Christian Faith (2010) and Responsive Labor: A Theology of Work (2006).
Table of contents :
series foreword •• David H. Jensen ix
acknowledgments xiii
introduction 1
1 •• ordinary routines, ordinary times 7
Interrupted Sleep 7
Breakfast 12
Drop-Off 17
Pickup 25
Dinner and Homework 32
Playing 37
Arguing 39
Worship 41
Tired 45
2 •• parenting in christian traditions 49
The Hebrew Bible: Blessing and Honor
amid Family Foibles 50
The New Testament: Suspicion of Family
and Order in the Family 54
John Chrysostom: Parenting and Faith
Development 59
Thomas Aquinas and the Order of
Parental Love 63
Martin Luther: Beauty amid the Mundane 67
Horace Bushnell, Christian Nurture,
and Children’s Play 72
Bonnie Miller-McLemore: Family
Spirituality and Chaos 77
Conclusion 82
3 •• toward a theology of parenting 85
Adoption 85
Triune Life and Parenting Life 92
Work and Play 98
Hospitality 104
Blessing 111
Conclusion 116
notes 119
suggestions for further reading 123
reader’s guide 125
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