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根据当地经验的哥斯达黎加传统知识:植物、动物、医药和音乐-Costa Rican Traditional Knowledge According to Local Experiences: Plant

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标题(title):Costa Rican Traditional Knowledge According to Local Experiences: Plants, Animals, Medicine and Music
作者(author):Manuel Ortega-Rodríguez, Hugo Solís-Sánchez
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book offers ten chapters dealing with Costa Rican traditional knowledge. Each chapter presents a transcription from a talk given to an interdisciplinary audience at Universidad de Costa Rica. The chapters address the links between knowledge and culture in a variety of cases, including black, indigenous and "white" knowledge in both rural and city contexts, with an emphasis on gender issues.

This book is the first of its class and its transcriptions have been annotated for easier reading.

All social scientists interested in Latin American culture or in cognitive topics in general will benefit from reading it.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xx
Medicinal Plants in Costa Rica: Myth and Reality (Mildred García González)....Pages 1-16
Patrimonial Botanical Knowledge in Costa Rica (Luis Poveda Álvarez)....Pages 17-26
Traditional Agriculture in Costa Rica’s Nonindigenous Rural Population (Jaime-E. García-González)....Pages 27-51
Traditional Music Across Costa Rica from the Caribbean Afro-Latin Perspective (Carlos Saavedra Reyes)....Pages 53-67
The Culture Around Sterilization and Therapeutic Abortion in Costa Rica (María Carranza Maxera)....Pages 69-79
Environmental Views Among the Cabécar and the Bribri (Uri Salas Díaz)....Pages 81-94
On the Relation of the Boruca and the Maleku with Plants and Animals (Elvis Cornejo Venegas)....Pages 95-112
Ritual Singing and Poetry Among the Bribri (Adolfo Constenla Umaña)....Pages 113-126
Bribri Kinship Relations: The Social Implications of a Matrilineal System (Ana Rosa Ruiz Fernández, David Arias Hidalgo, Jorge Solano Brenes)....Pages 127-141
Education Tensions Among the Bribri (Alí García Segura)....Pages 143-158
Back Matter ....Pages 159-161
根据当地经验的哥斯达黎加传统知识:植物、动物、医药和音乐-Costa Rican Traditional Knowledge According to Local Experiences: Plant
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