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犯罪现场处理:实验室手册和工作手册-Crime Scene Processing: Laboratory Manual And Workbook

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标题(title):Crime Scene Processing: Laboratory Manual And Workbook
作者(author):Donald A. Hayden
出版社(publisher):CRC Press
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Crime Scene Processing Laboratory Manual and Workbook serves as the laboratory course complement to Ross Gardner's Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation. Developed through Hayden's own course on crime scene investigation, it is designed to teach the basics of crime scene documentation, as well as evidence identification, preservation, and collection. Standing on its own, the workbook is also useful for self-instruction and as seminar curriculum.
This multi-purpose manual contains fifty exercises, including practical hands-on experiments such as evidence packaging, in addition to workbook exercises. Advice on report writing and suggestions for research papers are also provided. The manual includes a variety of documentary exercises not found in other resources such as mapping a crime scene, developing a crime scene response kit, preparing an evidence voucher, and sketching a crime scene.
With a variety of exercises simulating actual tasks, this laboratory manual helps build the skills required to properly document and process a crime scene. When the exercises are complete, it becomes a useful reference that can be revisited and relied upon throughout a career.
Table of contents :
Front cover......Page 1
Preface......Page 6
About the Author......Page 8
Acknowledgments......Page 10
General Instructions......Page 12
Table of Contents......Page 14
Part 1. Crime Scene Documentation......Page 18
Chapter 2. Photographic Documentation......Page 50
Chapter 3. Fingerprint Evidence......Page 116
Chapter 4. Casts and Impressions......Page 158
Chapter 5. Bloodstain Evidence Documentation......Page 194
Back cover......Page 234

犯罪现场处理:实验室手册和工作手册-Crime Scene Processing: Laboratory Manual And Workbook
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