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预测成功:基于证据的策略,雇佣合适的人,建立最好的团队-Predicting success: evidence-based strategies to hire the right people a

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标题(title):Predicting success: evidence-based strategies to hire the right people and build the best team
作者(author):Lahey, David
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"An avalanche of research describes an evolving global business landscape that will soon be populated by workers in jobs for which they are "mismatched," workers who live with an entitled view, and disconnected workers whose skills aren't properly taken advantage of. There has never before been such a fierce need for human analytics in the workplace, and in work-life balance. This is what opportunity looks like. David Lahey's book is the manager's guide to finding the perfect candidate for your team, by basing hiring on evidence and analytics. Learn to implement the Predictive Index, behavior analytics, hiring assessments, and other practical tools to create your best business"--  Read more...
Abstract: Make the right hires every time, with an analytical approach to talent Predicting Success is a practical guide to finding the perfect member for your team.  Read more...
Table of contents :
Content: Machine generated contents note: ONE: HOW TO START The Blame Game The Office Paradigm, Revised The Awakening The Cost of a Bad Hire Why Things Fail Group Therapy TWO: HOW TO BREAK ANALYSIS PARALYSIS THREE: HOW TO LEAD Allowing the Employees to be the Best Versions of Themselves Third-Box Thinking Measure it, Then Do it Using Behavior Analytics to Produce a Better Leader What is Predictive Index(r) (PI(r))? Effective Feedback is a Second Paycheck Do as I Do Everyone's a Leader Cultivating Principals The Bell Mobility Example More Than Money Self-Development Rules Listening to the Results The Leader as Introvert Using Workforce Analytics to Find Your Next Leader FOUR: HOW TO FOLLOW What the Birds Know Following Types: People Styles Meet the Facebook Crowd The Hierarchy-Free Ideal Better Together Building Smarter Teams Putting Teams to the Test Talk About It FIVE: HOW TO DECIDE Timing is Everything Facing the Unknowns Brain Science's Decision-Making Play Instinct Favors Intricacy Decision-Making, Deconstructed Evidence Beats Opinion Decision-Making Tactics Making a Decision with Every Tool Engaged Decision by Job Interview: Insufficient Why Cognition Matters PLI: For More Than Hiring SIX: HOW TO PERSUADE The Role of the Subconscious Speaking From the Corps Emulating Emo The Stanford Prison Experiment Asking for More The Forbes List SEVEN: HOW TO COMMUNICATE Communication Rules Do Unto Others Case Study: Communication at Stanley Manufacturing, Toronto, Canada Simplicity Above All Body Language Speaks Volumes Communicating With Your Ears Building Trust through Communication Communication Tactics Communications Leader, Lead Thyself Barriers to Communication Communication Tips EIGHT: HOW TO ASSESS Case Study: the Big Brothers Big Sisters(r) Organization The Science of Human Resources United States Government (EEOC) "Rules of the Road" for Using Testing Behavioral Assessments Putting Behavior Analysis on Ice Selling Apple Pie to Americans Motivation and Human Behavior Asking Questions: Behavioral Surveys Business Applications of Behavioral Science Behavioral Assessments in Reverse An Assessment of Behavioral Assessments Picking a Behavioral Assessment Approach The Productivity Ambition Matrix NINE: HOW TO ENGAGE The Engagement Anxiety Defining the Engaged Employee Why Is Engagement Important? Employee Engagement: A How-To The Role Behavior Analyses Have to Play Share the Wealth The Microsoft Example Employee Engagement in Down Times TEN: HOW TO RESOLVE The Cost of Conflict Conflict is "good" Think About It The Predictive Index&trade
, Explained The SSAT, Revealed On-Ice Application The PI&trade
and the Social Profit World Transitioning From Boredom to the Top Leadership Development and Deconflicting Conflict 101 Stories of Success Robert Watson --
Professional Speed Skater Proves PI(r) Making the Perfect Pick Conclusion: How to Finish Intergenerational management EQ: The missing link in employee testing Necessary Endings .
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预测成功:基于证据的策略,雇佣合适的人,建立最好的团队-Predicting success: evidence-based strategies to hire the right people a
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