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犯罪真相:主权、知识、社会秩序-The Truth about Crime: Sovereignty, Knowledge, Social Order

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标题(title):The Truth about Crime: Sovereignty, Knowledge, Social Order
作者(author):Jean Comaroff; John L. Comaroff
出版社(publisher):University of Chicago Press
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In this book, renowned anthropologists Jean and John L. Comaroff make a startling but absolutely convincing claim about our modern era: it is not by our arts, our politics, or our science that we understand ourselves—it is by our crimes. Surveying an astonishing range of forms of crime and policing—from petty thefts to the multibillion-dollar scams of too-big-to-fail financial institutions to the collateral damage of war—they take readers into the disorder of the late modern world. Looking at recent transformations in the triangulation of capital, the state, and governance that have led to an era where crime and policing are ever more complicit, they offer a powerful meditation on the new forms of sovereignty, citizenship, class, race, law, and political economy of representation that have arisen.

To do so, the Comaroffs draw on their vast knowledge of South Africa, especially, and its struggle to build a democracy founded on the rule of law out of the wreckage of long years of violence and oppression. There they explore everything from the fascination with the supernatural in policing to the extreme measures people take to prevent home invasion, drawing illuminating comparisons to the United States and United Kingdom. Going beyond South Africa, they offer a global criminal anthropology that attests to criminality as the constitutive fact of contemporary life, the vernacular by which politics are conducted, moral panics voiced, and populations ruled.

The result is a disturbing but necessary portrait of the modern era, one that asks critical new questions about how we see ourselves, how we think about morality, and how we are going to proceed as a global society.
Table of contents :
Contents......Page 6
Preface......Page 10
Part One. Crime, Capital, and the Metaphysics of Disorder: An Overview in Three Movements......Page 22
Chapter 1.1. Crime, Policing, and the Making of Modernity: The State, Sovereignty, and the Il/legal......Page 24
Chapter 1.2. The Order of Things to Come: Crime-and-Policing in the Present Continuous......Page 61
Chapter 1.3. Forensic Fantasy and the Political Economy of Representation: Scenes from the Brave Noir World......Page 92
Part Two. Law-Making, Law-Breaking, and Law-Enforcement: Five Uneasy Pieces......Page 120
Chapter 2.1. Divine Detection: Policing at the Edge......Page 122
Chapter 2.2. Imposture, Law, and the Policing of Personhood: The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive......Page 146
Chapter 2.3. Figuring Crime: Quantifacts, Mythostats, and the Production of the Un/real......Page 164
Chapter 2.4. Outsourcing Justice, Privatizing Protection: Practices of Popular Sovereignty......Page 202
Chapter 2.5. Sharp Endings: A Pointed Afterimage......Page 239
Acknowledgments......Page 246
Notes......Page 250
References......Page 306
Index......Page 348



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犯罪真相:主权、知识、社会秩序-The Truth about Crime: Sovereignty, Knowledge, Social Order
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