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Adobe Photoshop Elements 6最高性能:释放元素的隐藏性能-Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Maximum Performance: Unleash the文件编号:275

上传于 2020年2月25日 16:02
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标题(title):Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Maximum Performance: Unleash the hidden performance of Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6最高性能:释放元素的隐藏性能
作者(author):Mark Galer
出版社(publisher):Focal Press
大小(size):34 MB (35774612 bytes)

Unleash the hidden potential for professional image editing in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements with this project-based, real-world guide. Using step-by-step instructions and accompanying movie tutorials, Mark Galer leads you through the less well-known and most powerful post-production editing techniques Adobe® Photoshop® Elements has to offer. Cunning tricks and clever workarounds help you to create professional images without features from the full Adobe® Photoshop® package that you need but don't want to pay for - perform tasks you didn't think were possible in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements! Whether you're an imaging professional or a photography enthusiast, this book will help you get the maximum performance from your software. Learn how to: * Create striking effects with no commercial lighting or studio equipment * Extend the dynamic range of your digital camera by merging multiple exposures * Optimize, enhance and montage images with stunning results The accompanying DVD provides extensive support with movie tutorials for all projects, high resolution images, multilayered files of completed projects, a stock library and a keyboard shortcut guide. Mark Galer is a freelance photographer, accomplished lecturer and best-selling author of number books on photography. He is an official Adobe Ambassador for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements. * Save money by unleashing the hidden potential of Elements for professional image editing rather than upgrading to the full Photoshop software * Practical, step-by-step projects show you how to solve real-world problems and create stunning images using clever workarounds and powerful, little-known techniques * Free DVD includes more than 5 hours of tutorials, image files, a stock library and keyboard shortcut guide - worth the cover price alone!

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