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可信计算与服务:国际会议,2014年ISCTCS,中国北京,2014年11月28-29日,修订论文选集-Trustworthy Computing and Services: Internationa文件编号:264

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标题(title):Trustworthy Computing and Services: International Conference, ISCTCS 2014, Beijing, China, November 28-29, 2014, Revised Selected papers
作者(author):Lu Yueming, Wu Xu, Zhang Xi (eds.)
出版社(publisher):Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
大小(size):43 MB (44729828 bytes)

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Standard Conference on Trustworthy Computing and Services, ISCTCS 2014, held in Beijing, China, in November 2014. The 51 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 279 submissions. The topics covered are architecture for trusted computing systems; trusted computing platform; trusted system building; network and protocol security; mobile network security; network survivability, other critical theories and standard systems; credible assessment; credible measurement and metrics; trusted systems; trusted networks; trusted mobile networks; trusted routing; trusted software; trusted operating systems; trusted storage; fault-tolerant computing and other key technologies; trusted e-commerce and e-government; trusted logistics; trusted internet of things; trusted cloud and other trusted services and applications.

Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages I-XII
Cache Replacement Improving Based on User Group Interest Degree....Pages 1-7
A Uighur Automatic Summarization Method Based on Sub-theme Division....Pages 8-15
Accelerating DFA Construction by Parallelizing Subset Construction....Pages 16-24
A Novel Feature Selection Method Based on Category Distribution and Phrase Attributes....Pages 25-32
RayDroid: A Framework for Discovering Anomaly in Android....Pages 33-40
A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy Based on Feedback for Cluster Rendering System....Pages 41-47
Extracting News Information Based on Webpage Segmentation and Parsing DOM Tree Reversely....Pages 48-55
Enhancing Security and Robustness of P2P Caching System....Pages 56-64
Minimizing the Negative Influence by Blocking Links in Social Networks....Pages 65-73
Self-Adaptive Frequency Scaling Architecture for Intrusion Detection System....Pages 74-82
Nonparametric Topic-Aware Sparsification of Influence Networks....Pages 83-90
A Survey of Network Traffic Visualization in Detecting Network Security Threats....Pages 91-98
Sentinel: In Case of the Untrustworthy Behaviors Inside the Clouds....Pages 99-106
Web-Based Heatmap of Physical Machines in Cloud Computing....Pages 107-113
RSA Encryption/Decryption Implementation Based on Zedboard....Pages 114-121
Security Risk Assessment of Rich Communication Services Over LTE....Pages 122-128
CAS: Content Attribution System for Network Forensics....Pages 129-136
Tracking and Analysis of Hot Words and Posts for University Campus....Pages 137-143
Software Vulnerability Severity Evaluation Based on Economic Losses....Pages 144-151
A Tibetan Word Sense Disambiguation Method Based on HowNet and Chinese-Tibetan Parallel Corpora....Pages 152-159
SFAPCC: A Secure and Flexible Architecture for Public Cloud Computing....Pages 160-165
Towards Enumeration of NTFS Using USN Journals Under UEFI....Pages 166-174
Trusted Cloud Service Certification and Evaluation....Pages 175-182
Enhanced AllJoyn Network with Centralized Management....Pages 183-188
A Method of Evaluating Distributed Storage System Reliability....Pages 189-196
DDoS Detection Based on Second-Order Features and Machine Learning....Pages 197-205
Construction of Software and Hardware Resource Pool in Data Center Using Virtualization....Pages 206-212
Design and Performance Analysis of Utility Maximization-Based Cooperative MAC in Multi-rate WiFi Networks....Pages 213-220
Advanced Persistent Threat Detection Method Research Based on Relevant Algorithms to Artificial Immune System....Pages 221-228
Human Mobility Simulation in Smart Energy Grid....Pages 229-237
Community Detection in Complex Networks: Algorithms and Analysis....Pages 238-244
Advanced Test Modelling and Execution Based on the International Standardized Techniques TTCN-3 and UTP....Pages 245-252
Understanding Human Goal Setting as a Means for Supporting Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering....Pages 253-259
The Improvement and Implementation of iSLIP Algorithm Based on FPGA....Pages 260-266
The Optimization Design of High Q Microwave Photonic Filters Based on Cascade Fiber Bragg Gratings....Pages 267-273
The Implementation of GFP Protocol Based on EOS in FPGA....Pages 274-280
An Improving Algorithm for Combined Input-Crosspoint-Queued Switches....Pages 281-287
A New Network Coding Scheme in Two-relay OFDMA Networks....Pages 288-294
RAMID: A Novel Risk Assessment Model of Information Dissemination on Social Network....Pages 295-303
An Active Approach for Automatic Rule Discovery in Rule-Based Monitoring Systems....Pages 304-310
Memory Centric Hardware Prefetching in Multi-core Processors....Pages 311-321
Performance-Aware Based Correlated Datasets Replication Strategy....Pages 322-327
Monitoring Social Events on Sina Weibo....Pages 328-335
Information Integration of Heterogeneous Employment Service Information of College Graduates....Pages 336-341
Find Behaviors of Network Evasion and Protocol Obfuscation Using Traffic Measurement....Pages 342-349
Research of eID Mobile Identity Authentication Method....Pages 350-358
Reaching Critical Mass: The Effect of Adding New Content on Website Visitors and User Registration....Pages 359-369
A Method to Build and Expand the Domain Dictionary Automatically Based on WordNet....Pages 370-381
Research on Modeling of Software Automatic Test....Pages 382-388
The Design and Implementation of APK eBooks Online Generation System Based on FBReader....Pages 389-400
Domain-Specific Semantic Retrieval of Institutional Repository Based on Query Extension....Pages 401-411
Back Matter....Pages 413-414

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