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计算机辅助建筑设计未来。下一个城市——新技术和建筑环境的未来:第16届国际会议,2015年中国民航局期货,巴西圣保罗,2015年7月8日至10日。论文选集-Computer-Aided Archite

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标题(title):Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures. The Next City - New Technologies and the Future of the Built Environment: 16th International Conference, CAAD Futures 2015, São Paulo, Brazil, July 8-10, 2015. Selected Papers
作者(author):Gabriela Celani, David Moreno Sperling, Juarez Moara Santos Franco (eds.)
出版社(publisher):Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures, CAAD Futures 2015, held in São Paulo, Brazil, in July 2015. The 33 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 200 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on modeling, analyzing and simulating the city; sustainability and performance of the built space; automated and parametric design; building information modelling (BIM); fabrication and materiality; shape studies.

Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages I-XIV
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
The Next City and Complex Adaptive Systems....Pages 3-20
A Platform for Urban Analytics and Semantic Data Integration in City Planning....Pages 21-36
Distributed and Heterogeneous Data Analysis for Smart Urban Planning....Pages 37-54
Tangible Mixed Reality On-Site: Interactive Augmented Visualisations from Architectural Working Models in Urban Design....Pages 55-74
Development of High-Definition Virtual Reality for Historical Architectural and Urban Digital Reconstruction: A Case Study of Azuchi Castle and Old Castle Town in 1581....Pages 75-89
Front Matter....Pages 91-91
Interrogating Interactive and Responsive Architecture: The Quest of a Technological Solution Looking for an Architectural Problem....Pages 93-112
A Model for Sustainable Site Layout Design of Social Housing with Pareto Genetic Algorithm: SSPM....Pages 113-133
Algorithmic Design Tool for Integrating Renewable Energy Infrastructures in Buildings: Object Oriented Design for Energy Efficiency....Pages 134-153
Pedestrian as Generator: Implementing a Stand-Alone Piezo Power Generating Device in the Urban Context....Pages 154-171
Dynamic Façades and Computation: Towards an Inclusive Categorization of High Performance Kinetic Façade Systems....Pages 172-191
Front Matter....Pages 193-193
The Future of the Architect’s Employment....Pages 195-212
Design Agency....Pages 213-235
ModRule: A User-Centric Mass Housing Design Platform....Pages 236-254
Structural Design Based on Performance Applied to Development of a Lattice Wind Tower....Pages 255-271
Parametric Modeling of Bamboo Pole Joints....Pages 272-290
Assisted Construction of Non-standard Wooden Walls and Envelope Structures by Parametric Modeling....Pages 291-308
Front Matter....Pages 309-309
A BIM-Compatible Schema for Architectural Programming Information....Pages 311-328
A Framework for Speech-Oriented CAD and BIM Systems....Pages 329-347
Development of BIM Performance Measurement System for Architectural Design Firms....Pages 348-365
Facilitating Fire and Smoke Simulation Using Building Information Modeling....Pages 366-382
Front Matter....Pages 309-309
A Semantic Web Approach for Built Heritage Representation....Pages 383-401
Front Matter....Pages 403-403
Migratory Movements of Homo Faber: Mapping Fab Labs in Latin America....Pages 405-421
A New Machinecraft....Pages 422-438
Formal Descriptions of Material Manipulations....Pages 439-457
Super-Details: Integrated Patterns from 3D Printing Processes to Performance-Based Design....Pages 458-473
Architecture Meets Gaming and Robotics: Creating Interactive Prototypes and Digital Simulations for Architects....Pages 474-490
Front Matter....Pages 491-491
Design Patterns from Empirical Studies in Computer-Aided Design....Pages 493-506
Shape Grammars for Architectural Design: The Need for Reframing....Pages 507-526
From Idea to Shape, from Algorithm to Design: A Framework for the Generation of Contemporary Facades....Pages 527-546
Pattern, Cognition and Spatial Information Processing....Pages 547-562
The Geometry of Chuck Hoberman....Pages 563-581
Material Computability of Indeterminate Plaster Behavior....Pages 582-599
A Design Tool for Generic Multipurpose Chair Design....Pages 600-619
Back Matter....Pages 621-622

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计算机辅助建筑设计未来。下一个城市——新技术和建筑环境的未来:第16届国际会议,2015年中国民航局期货,巴西圣保罗,2015年7月8日至10日。论文选集-Computer-Aided Archite
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