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报告人权、冲突和建设和平:关键和全球视角-Reporting Human Rights, Conflicts, and Peacebuilding: Critical and Global Persp

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标题(title):Reporting Human Rights, Conflicts, and Peacebuilding: Critical and Global Perspectives
作者(author):Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Senthan Selvarajah
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing; Palgrave Macmillan
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This book focuses on the reporting of human rights in broadly defined times of conflict. It brings together scholarly and professional perspectives on the role of the media in constructing human rights and peacebuilding options in conflict and post-conflict environments, drawing on case studies from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It also provides critical reflections on the challenges faced by journalists and explores the implications of constructing human rights and peacebuilding options in their day-to-day professional activities. The chapters embrace a variety of theoretical, empirical and methodological approaches and will benefit students, scholars and media professionals alike.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Introduction: Reporting Human Rights, Conflicts, and Peacebuilding—Critical and Global Perspectives (Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Senthan Selvarajah)....Pages 1-10
Front Matter ....Pages 11-11
Human Rights Journalism: Towards a Critical Constructivist Epistemological Approach (Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Senthan Selvarajah)....Pages 13-29
Advocacy Journalism, the Politics of Humanitarian Intervention and the Syrian War (Philip Hammond, Sumaya Al Nahed, Tara McCormack)....Pages 31-48
Beyond “Bearing Witness”: Journalists Resisting Violence in Colombia’s “After War” (Mathew Charles)....Pages 49-65
Re-designing the Media in Humanitarian Interventions Communicating with Communities at Times of Crisis (Valentina Baú)....Pages 67-81
Front Matter ....Pages 83-83
Public Service Broadcasting and Security Issues: The Case of ‘Blowback’ (Jake Lynch)....Pages 85-101
Communitarianism, Ethics and the Burden of Journalistic Objectivity: Reflections of “Peace Journalists” Covering the Boko Haram Insurgency (Jacob Udo-Udo Jacob)....Pages 103-118
The Politics of Representation of Migrants in Italian Media (Sara Gabai)....Pages 119-136
Assessment of Media Coverage of Human Rights Abuses in Internally Displaced Peoples’ Camps (Olusola O. Isola, Toba Yusuf)....Pages 137-152
Front Matter ....Pages 153-153
Understanding and Practising Human Rights Journalism in China (Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Di Luo)....Pages 155-167
Unworthy Victims? The Media, Politics and the Search for Justice Through the International Criminal Court in Kenya (Jacinta Mwende Maweu)....Pages 169-185
The Media, Conflict and Peace During Transitional Times: The Case of The Herald and the NewsDay During the Period of the Zimbabwe Government of National Unity (GNU) 2009–2014 (Georgina Sabawu, Octavious Chido Masunda)....Pages 187-200
Front Matter ....Pages 201-201
Re-imagining Human Rights Photography: Ariella Azoulay’s Intervention (Anna Gormley, Stuart Allan)....Pages 203-220
Journalists as Human Rights Defenders: International Protection of Journalists in Contexts of Violence and Impunity (Tamsin Mitchell)....Pages 221-242
Together and Separate? An Exploratory Study of Political Polarization on Social Media During the 2016 Brazilian Political Crisis (Patricia Ferreira Alves, Bruce Mutsvairo)....Pages 243-263
Exiled Journalists as Active Agents of Change: Understanding Their Journalistic Practices (Nirmanusan Balasundaram)....Pages 265-280


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报告人权、冲突和建设和平:关键和全球视角-Reporting Human Rights, Conflicts, and Peacebuilding: Critical and Global Persp
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