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黑色城市社区:从黄昏到黎明-The Black Urban Community: From Dusk Till Dawn

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标题(title):The Black Urban Community: From Dusk Till Dawn
作者(author):G. Tate
出版社(publisher):Palgrave Macmillan US
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This book explores the many facets of black urban life from its genesis in the 18th century to the present time. With some historical background, the volume is primarily a contemporary critique, focusing on the major themes which have arisen and the challenges the confront African Americans as they create communities: political economy, religion and spirituality, health care, education, protest, and popular culture. The essays all examine the interplay between culture and politics, and the ways in which forms of cultural expression and political participation have changed over the past century to serve the needs of the black urban community. The collection closes with analysis of current struggles these communities face - joblessness, political discontent, frustrations with health care and urban schools - and the ways in which communities are responding to these challenges.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-ix
Introduction (Gayle T. Tate, Lewis A. Randolph)....Pages 1-16
Front Matter ....Pages 17-17
Civilization and Its Discontents: Black Life in the Eighteenth-Century Cities of British North America (Rhett Jones)....Pages 19-40
Memories of Hayti: African American Community in Durham, North Carolina, 1890–1970 (Oscar R. Williams)....Pages 41-48
Discovering an African American Planning History (Joan Fitzgerald, William D. Howard)....Pages 49-55
Historic Designation and the Preservation of Public Housing (Mittie Olion Chandler)....Pages 56-72
Front Matter ....Pages 73-73
Entering the New City as Men and Women, Not Mules (Jessica Gordon Nembhard)....Pages 75-100
“Faces at the Bottom of the Well”:African American Poverty and the Postindustrial City at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century (Frank Harold Wilson)....Pages 101-126
African/Asian/Uptown/Downtown:An Exploration of African Trading Networks in New York City (Paul Stoller)....Pages 127-143
Globalization, Cities, and Racial Inequality: Don’t Believe the Hype (James B. Stewart)....Pages 144-164
Front Matter ....Pages 165-165
“The Pupil of the Eye:” African Americans and the Making of the American Community, 1898–2003 (Richard W. Thomas)....Pages 167-192
Varieties of Spiritual Experience: Magic, Occultism, and Alternative Supernatural Traditions among African Americans in the Cities, 1915–39 (Yvonne P. Chireau)....Pages 193-203
The Leadership of Reverend Robert L. Bradby and the Black Community in East Industrial Detroit (Julia Robinson Harmon)....Pages 204-224
Front Matter ....Pages 225-225
Drugs, Race, and State Power: The Urban Terrain (Rae Banks)....Pages 227-243
Unsuspecting Women and the Dreaded Bisexual (Cathy J. Cohen)....Pages 244-267
The War on Drugs and Welfare Policy:The Impact of Their Intersection on Black Women in Urban America (Julia S. Jordan-Zachery)....Pages 268-282
Front Matter ....Pages 283-283
African Americans’ Strive for Educational Self-Determination in Cincinnati Before 1873 (Nikki Taylor)....Pages 285-301
In Whose Interest: Chicago Schools in the 1960s (Dionne Danns)....Pages 302-316
Front Matter ....Pages 317-317
Robert Wagner, Milton Galamison, and the Challenge to New York City Liberalism (Clarence Taylor)....Pages 319-330
From the North to the Deep South:The Civil Rights Journey of the Freedom Riders (David Niven)....Pages 331-351
Southern Cities and Preclearance:The US Department of Justice and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Keesha M. Middlemass)....Pages 352-364
The Continuing Significance of Race:African American and Hispanic Mayors, 1968–2003 (Neil Kraus, Todd Swanstrom)....Pages 365-380
Changing Demographics and the Unchanging Nature of Power in New York (Basil Wilson, Charles Green)....Pages 381-397
Black Mayors in Large Cities: A Historical Perspective (Marcus D. Pohlmann)....Pages 398-412
Front Matter ....Pages 413-413
The Black Panther Party, Poetry Performance, and Revolution (Regina Jennings)....Pages 415-426
Panthers and Dragons On the Page: The Afro-Asian Dynamic in the Black Aesthetic (Crystal S. Anderson)....Pages 427-437
The Diasporic Imagination of Wynton Marsalis (David Stowe)....Pages 438-448
Constructions of Gender and Dialogues on Relationships in Rap Music (Gwendolyn D. Pough)....Pages 449-464
Hip Hop as Political Expression: Potentialities for the Power of Voice in Urban America (Melina Abdullah)....Pages 465-474
Back Matter ....Pages 475-486


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黑色城市社区:从黄昏到黎明-The Black Urban Community: From Dusk Till Dawn
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