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Oracle SOA套件开发人员指南-Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide

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标题(title):Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide
Oracle SOA套件开发人员指南
作者(author):Matt Wright, Antony Reynolds
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Design and build Service-Oriented Architecture Solutions with the Oracle SOA Suite 10gR3 A hands-on guide to using and applying the Oracle SOA Suite in the delivery of real-world SOA applications. Detailed coverage of the Oracle Service Bus, BPEL Process Manager, Web Service Manager, Rules, Human Workflow, and Business Activity Monitoring. Master the best way to combine / use each of these different components in the implementation of a SOA solution. Illustrates key techniques and best practices using a working example of an online auction site (oBay).

In Detail

We are moving towards a standards-based Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), where IT infrastructure is continuously adapted to keep up with the pace of business change. Oracle is at the forefront of this vision, with the Oracle SOA Suite providing the most comprehensive, proven, and integrated tool kit for building SOA based applications.

Developers and Architects using the Oracle SOA Suite, whether working on integration projects, building composite applications, or specializing in implementations of Oracle Applications, need a hands-on guide on how best to harness and apply this technology.

This book will guide you on using and applying the Oracle SOA Suite to solve real-world problems, enabling you to quickly learn and master the technology and its applications.

The initial section of the book is aimed at providing you with a detailed hands-on tutorial to each of the core components that make up the Oracle SOA Suite; namely the Oracle Service Bus, BPEL Process Manager, Human Workflow, Business Rules, and Business Activity Monitoring. Once you are familiar with the various pieces of the SOA Suite and what they do, the next question will typically be: "What is the best way to combine / use all of these different components to implement a real-world SOA solution?"

Answering this question is the goal of the next section. Using a working example of an online auction site (oBay), it leads you through key SOA design considerations in implementing a robust solution that is designed for change. Though the examples in the book are based on Oracle SOA Suite the book will still be extremely useful for anyone using 11g.

The final section addresses non-functional considerations and covers the packaging, deployment, and testing of SOA applications; it then details how to use Web Service Manager to secure and administer SOA applications.

What you will learn from this book?
Learn to use key technology adapters to service-enable existing systemsBuild implementation-agnostic services using the Oracle Service BusAssemble services to build composite services and long-running business process using BPELInitiate and discover how business rules can be used to externalize "decision points" in a BPEL processIncorporate Human Workflow into your processes and use Business Rules to provide greater agilityDesign XML schemas and service contracts for improved agility, reuse, and interoperabilityExamine different approaches either from scratch or by re-using existing logic for building new business servicesObserve the protocols available in addition to SOAP over HTTP for invoking Web Services and the advantages they provideCreate, deploy, and run test cases that automate the testing of composite applicationsSecure and administer SOA applications using Web Service ManagerArchitect, design, and implement your overall SOA SolutionDesign your Web Service contracts for interoperability and maintainability

This book is a comprehensive guide, split into three sections. The initial section of the book provides an introduction to the Oracle SOA Suite and its various components, and will give you a fast-paced hands-on introduction to each of the key components in turn. The next section illustrates the usage of the various components of the SOA Suite to implement a real-world SOA-based solution with the help of an example of an online auction site (oBay). The final section covers other considerations such as the packaging, deployment, testing, security, and administration of SOA applications.

Who this book is written for?

This book targets developers and technical architects who work in the SOA domain. The primary purpose of the book is to provide them with a "hands on" practical guide to using and applying the Oracle SOA Suite in the delivery of real-world composite applications.

It presumes basic understanding of the concepts of SOA, as well as some of the key standards in this space, including web services (SOAP, WSDL), XML Schemas, and XSLT (and XPath).



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Oracle SOA套件开发人员指南-Oracle SOA Suite Developer's Guide
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