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银行业的前沿课题:调查金融业的新趋势和最新发展-Frontier Topics in Banking: Investigating New Trends and Recent Developments

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标题(title):Frontier Topics in Banking: Investigating New Trends and Recent Developments in the Financial Industry
作者(author):Elisabetta Gualandri, Valeria Venturelli, Alex Sclip
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing; Palgrave Macmillan
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The aim of this book is twofold: Firstly to focus on the development of new instruments and topics in the financial industry. Secondly to analyze the development of “old” themes applied to different international contexts, such as cross-border banking and the role of government financial resources in China. With these goals in mind, the book explores the investigation of new instruments for the financing of SMEs and new ventures, such as mini bonds and equity crowdfunding. Additionally, it covers the field of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility including financial inclusion, gender roles, disclosure, social media roles and litigation. The book also investigates the choices followed by the Royal Swedish Academy in the selection of Nobel laureates in economics science to analyze their influence on the financial industry. Geared to banking academics, researchers and students, this book uncovers the most prominent issues within the banking industry today.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxxi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences: The Role of Financial Studies (Gianfranco Vento, Paola Vezzani)....Pages 3-41
Front Matter ....Pages 43-43
Risk and Pricing on the Italian Minibond Market (Alessandro Giovanni Grasso, Francesco Pattarin)....Pages 45-72
Exploring Factors Influencing the Success of Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns: Findings from Italy (Stefano Cosma, Alessandro Giovanni Grasso, Francesco Pagliacci, Alessia Pedrazzoli)....Pages 73-95
From Seeker Side to Investor Side: Gender Dynamics in UK Equity Crowdfunding Investments (Valeria Venturelli, Alessia Pedrazzoli, Elisabetta Gualandri)....Pages 97-115
Front Matter ....Pages 117-117
Financial Inclusion: Trends and Determinants (Mais Sha’ban, Claudia Girardone, Anna Sarkisyan)....Pages 119-136
Framing, Overconfidence and Regret in Italian Mortgage Banking Litigations (Caterina Lucarelli, Francesco James Mazzocchini)....Pages 137-164
‘Share this pic!’: A Picture of the Adoption of Online Social Media by Italian Banks (Elisa Giaretta, Giusy Chesini)....Pages 165-187
Central Banks’ Commitment to Stakeholders: CSR in the Eurosystem: 2006–2016 (Vincenzo Farina, Giuseppe Galloppo, Daniele A. Previati)....Pages 189-221
Front Matter ....Pages 223-223
Bank’s Asset Quality Review Using Debt Service Coverage Ratio: An Empirical Investigation Across European Firms (Maurizio Polato, Federico Beltrame)....Pages 225-244
Credit Risk Disclosure Practices in the Annual Financial Reporting of Large Italian Banks (Enzo Scannella, Salvatore Polizzi)....Pages 245-292
The Impact of Recent Regulatory Reforms on Cross-Border Banking: A Study of the Nordic Markets (Viktor Elliot, Ted Lindblom, Magnus Willesson)....Pages 293-319
The Effectiveness of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative in Tackling China’s Economic Slowdown and Its Financial Implications Within a Policy Trilemma Context (Piotr Łasak, René W. H. van der Linden)....Pages 321-369
Back Matter ....Pages 371-373


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银行业的前沿课题:调查金融业的新趋势和最新发展-Frontier Topics in Banking: Investigating New Trends and Recent Developments
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