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翻译知识:全球科学交流模式,公元1000-1800年-Knowledge In Translation: Global Patterns Of Scientific Exchange, 1000-18

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标题(title):Knowledge In Translation: Global Patterns Of Scientific Exchange, 1000-1800 CE
作者(author):Patrick Manning, Abigail Owen, Charles Burnett
出版社(publisher):University Of Pittsburgh Press
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In the second millennium CE, long before English became the language of science, the act of translation was crucial for understanding and disseminating knowledge and information across linguistic and geographic boundaries. This volume considers the complexities of knowledge exchange through the practice of translation over the course of a millennium, across fields of knowledge—cartography, health and medicine, material construction, astronomy—and a wide geographical range, from Eurasia to Africa and the Americas. Contributors literate in Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Minnan, Ottoman, and Persian explore the history of science in the context of world and global history, investigating global patterns and implications in a multilingual and increasingly interconnected world. Chapters reveal cosmopolitan networks of shared practice and knowledge about the natural world from 1000 to 1800 CE, emphasizing both evolving scientific exchange and the emergence of innovative science. By unraveling the role of translation in cross-cultural communication, Knowledge in Translation highlights key moments of transmission, insight, and critical interpretation across linguistic and faith communities.
Table of contents :
Contents......Page 8
Foreword by Charles Burnett......Page 12
Preface......Page 14
Acknowledgments......Page 18
Introduction. Knowledge in Translation / Patrick Manning......Page 20
Part I. Mapping the Earth......Page 36
Chapter 1. The Geographical Concept of the Catalan mappamundi / Katrin Kogman-Appel......Page 38
Chapter 2. Interpretation, Intention, and Impact: Andalusi Arab and Norman Sicilian Examples of Islamo-Christian Cartographic Translation / Karen Pinto......Page 60
Chapter 3. Mountains of the Moon, Lakes in the Sun, and Sinus Gangeticus / Rila Mukherjee......Page 77
Chapter 4. The Global and the Maritime: Divergent Paradigms for Understanding the Role of Translation in the Emergence of Early Modern Science / Robert Batchelor......Page 94
Part II. Constructing Society......Page 110
Chapter 5. Charting China in the Thirteenth-Century World: The First English Translation of Zhu fan zhi and Its Recipients in China in the 1930s / Huei-Ying Kuo......Page 112
Chapter 6. The Case of Bingata: Trafficking Textile Art and Technique across the East China Sea / BuYun Chen......Page 136
Chapter 7. Mapping the Tracks of Yu: Yellow River Statecraft as Science and Technology, 1200–1600 / Ruth Mostern......Page 153
Part III. Advancing Health and Welfare......Page 166
Chapter 8. Animal Remedies in Space and Time: The Case of the Nail of the Great Beast / Irina Podgorny......Page 168
Chapter 9. Translating Heaven: Divination and Political Authority under the Yuan Dynasty / Francesca Fiaschetti......Page 183
Chapter 10. Between Local and Universal: Translating Knowledge in Early Modern Ottoman Plague Treatises / Nükhet Varlık......Page 196
Chapter 11. Transposing Knowledge: Beyond Translation in the Medieval Islamic and Japanese Medical Literary Traditions / M. A. Mujeeb Khan......Page 210
Part IV. Charting the Skies......Page 226
Chapter 12. The Nesting Hypothesis for Planetary Distances and Its Persistence over the Centuries and across Cultures / Bernard R. Goldstein and Giora Hon......Page 228
Chapter 13. Marāgha Observatory: A Star in the Constellation of Eurasian Scientific Translation / Roxann Prazniak......Page 246
Chapter 14. Reading between the Lines: Attitudes toward Arabic Astrology in the Latin Marginalia of Alcabitius’s Introductorius ad magisterium iudiciorum astrorum / Margaret Gaida......Page 263
Chapter 15. The Fourteenth-Century Transformation in China’s Reception of Arabo-Persian Astronomy / Dror Weil......Page 281
Chapter 16. Celestial Navigation: The First Translational Science / Pat Seed......Page 294
Notes......Page 312
Bibliography......Page 384
List of Contributors......Page 440
Index......Page 446

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翻译知识:全球科学交流模式,公元1000-1800年-Knowledge In Translation: Global Patterns Of Scientific Exchange, 1000-18
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