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新兴加工方法对食品质量的影响:优势与挑战-Effect of Emerging Processing Methods on the Food Quality: Advantages and Chall

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标题(title):Effect of Emerging Processing Methods on the Food Quality: Advantages and Challenges
作者(author):Shahin Roohinejad, Mohamed Koubaa, Ralf Greiner, Kumar Mallikarjunan
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This text comprehensively covers novel, innovative technologies used in the food and beverage industries in order to provide safe and healthy foods for consumers. The research provided in these chapters aims to show that the traditional pasteurization and commercial sterilization of foods result in unacceptable quality and nutrient retention, creating an important need for alternative methods used to minimize undesirable reactions such as thermal decomposition or degradation. Emerging processing methods to minimize heat induced alterations in foods and their applications are covered in-depth, demonstrating that these methods are useful not only for the inactivation of microorganisms and enzymes but also for improving the yield and development of ingredients and marketable foods with higher quality and better nutritional characteristics.

Effect of Emerging Processing Methods on the Food Quality: Advantages and Challenges not only covers the advantages of using innovative processing methods, but also the disadvantages and challenges of using these techniques on food quality. Each chapter focuses on a different emerging processing technique, breaking down the sensory, textural and nutritional aspects for different food products in addition to the advantages and challenges for each method. New technologies and advanced theories are a major focus, pointing to innovative new paths for the quality and safety assurance in food products. From pulsed electric fields to ultrasounds, this work covers all aspects of emerging processing techniques for fruits and vegetables, foods and dairy products.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Impact of Ohmic Processing on Food Quality and Composition (Mehrdad Niakousari, Sara Hedayati, Hadi Hashemi Gahruie, Ralf Greiner, Shahin Roohinejad)....Pages 1-26
Effects of Pulsed Electric Fields on Food Constituents, Microstructure and Sensorial Attributes of Food Products (Shualing Yang, Guanchen Liu, Zihan Qin, Daniel Munk, Jeanette Otte, Lilia Ahrné)....Pages 27-67
Impact of Ultrasound on Food Constituents (Mladen Brnčić, Jana Šic Žlabur)....Pages 69-94
Impact of High-Pressure Processing on Food Quality (Mauro D. Santos, Rita S. Inácio, Liliana G. Fidalgo, Rui P. Queirós, Silvia A. Moreira, Ricardo V. Duarte et al.)....Pages 95-131
Impact of Pulsed Light on Food Constituents (Peng Peng, Paul Chen, Dongjie Chen, Min Addy, Yanling Cheng, Nan Zhou et al.)....Pages 133-146
Impact of Microwave Irradiation on Food Composition (Giancarlo Cravotto, Arianna Binello)....Pages 147-161
Cold Plasma Effects on the Nutritional, Textural and Sensory Characteristics of Fruits and Vegetables, Meat, and Dairy Products (George Amponsah Annor)....Pages 163-171
Impact of Ultraviolet Processing on Food Composition (María Lavilla, Amaia Lasagabaster, Iñigo Martínez-de-Marañón)....Pages 173-196
Back Matter ....Pages 197-200


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新兴加工方法对食品质量的影响:优势与挑战-Effect of Emerging Processing Methods on the Food Quality: Advantages and Chall
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