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互联网科学:第六届国际会议,INSCI 2019,法国佩皮尼昂,2019年12月2-5日,会议记录-Internet Science: 6th International Conference, IN

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标题(title):Internet Science: 6th International Conference, INSCI 2019, Perpignan, France, December 2–5, 2019, Proceedings
互联网科学:第六届国际会议,INSCI 2019,法国佩皮尼昂,2019年12月2-5日,会议记录
作者(author):Samira El Yacoubi, Franco Bagnoli, Giovanna Pacini
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):17 MB (18082577 bytes)

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Internet Science held in Perpignan, France, in December 2019. The 30 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 45 submissions. The papers detail a multidisciplinary understanding of the development of the Internet as a societal and technological artefact which increasingly evolves with human societies.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Assessing the Potential of Digital Collaborative Sharing Platforms in Fostering Neighbourhood Participation Through Volunteerism (Deniz Akin, Thomas Vilarinho, Jacqueline Floch, Trond Halvorsen, Daniela Baer)....Pages 3-17
Social Network Sentiment Analysis and Message Clustering (Alexander A. Kharlamov, Andrey V. Orekhov, Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Nikolay S. Lyudkevich)....Pages 18-31
Migration Issues in Russian Twitter: Attitudes to Migrants, Social Problems and Online Resources (Olga Borodkina, Vladimir Sibirev)....Pages 32-46
Personal Illness Experience in Russian Social Media: Between Willingness to Share and Stigmatization (Victoria Dudina, Darja Judina, Konstantin Platonov)....Pages 47-58
An Innovative Online Tool to Self-evaluate and Compare Participatory Research Projects Labelled as Science Shops or Citizen Science (Anne-Sophie Gresle, Anna Cigarini, Leonardo de la Torre Avila, Irene Jimeno, Franco Bagnoli, Herman Dempere et al.)....Pages 59-72
Front Matter ....Pages 73-73
Social Norm Spreading in Real and Virtual Environments: Pro-social Versus Pro-self Norm (Andrea Guazzini, Sara Panerati, Viola Filindassi, Stefania Collodi, Zoran Levnajic)....Pages 75-90
On Internet Resilience in Small Island States (Patrick Hosein, Shiva Ramoudith, Kim Mallalieu)....Pages 91-96
Science Cafés and Science Shops for Public Engagement (Giovanna Pacini, Franco Bagnoli)....Pages 97-108
Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Obtaining Public Social Services in Russia (Veronika V. Romanenko)....Pages 109-120
Reinforcement Learning for Data Preparation with Active Reward Learning (Laure Berti-Equille)....Pages 121-132
Can Machines Learn Whether Machines Are Learning to Collude? (Jonathan Cave)....Pages 133-152
The Online Bystander Effect: Evidence from a Study on Synchronous Facebook Communications (Andrea Guazzini, Enrico Imbimbo, Federica Stefanelli, Giulia Bravi)....Pages 153-167
Collective Intelligence and the Geopolitical Crossroads in Central-Eastern Europe. Review of the Selected Research Methods (Rafał Olszowski, Marcin Chmielowski)....Pages 168-186
Front Matter ....Pages 187-187
A Network Neutral Alternative to Free Basics ( Ramneek, Patrick Hosein, Sungin Jung)....Pages 189-203
Intransitiveness in Games and Random Walks (Alberto Baldi, Giulia Cencetti, Duccio Fanelli, Franco Bagnoli)....Pages 204-216
A Self-organized Criticality Method for the Study of Color-Avoiding Percolation (Michele Giusfredi, Franco Bagnoli)....Pages 217-226
A Metric for the Fair Comparison of ISPs (Patrick Hosein, Shiva Ramoudith)....Pages 227-234
Network Presentation of Texts and Clustering of Messages (Andrey V. Orekhov, Alexander A. Kharlamov, Svetlana S. Bodrunova)....Pages 235-249
Intrusion Detection and Avoidance for a Heterogeneous Cluster of Web Sites (Darren Ramsook, Patrick Hosein, Akash Pooransingh)....Pages 250-256
Improving User Experience by Browser Extensions: A New Role of Public Service Media? (Urbano Reviglio)....Pages 257-271
Front Matter ....Pages 273-273
The International Register of Ideas and Innovations. A Visionary Social Network to Develop Innovation and Protect IP Using Blockchain and Proof-of-Originality Algorithm (Giovanni Rinaldi, Marco Manca)....Pages 275-282
Towards a Trusted Virtual Smart Cities Operation Center Using the Blockchain Mirror Model (Emanuele Bellini, Alessandro Bellini, Franco Pirri, Laura Coconea)....Pages 283-291
Monitoring an Environment Using Wireless Sensor Network (Rayanne Maria Cunha Silveira, Thalyson Danilo Rocha Dutra, Francisco Paulo Roberto Sampaio Alves, Allyx Fontaine, Thierry Desjardins, Raimundo C. S. Freire et al.)....Pages 292-301
Life and Death of Data in Data Lakes: Preserving Data Usability and Responsible Governance (Marzieh Derakhshannia, Carmen Gervet, Hicham Hajj-Hassan, Anne Laurent, Arnaud Martin)....Pages 302-309
Mapping Heterogeneous Textual Data: A Multidimensional Approach Based on Spatiality and Theme (Jacques Fize, Mathieu Roche, Maguelonne Teisseire)....Pages 310-317
Semantic Customers’ Segmentation (Jocelyn Poncelet, Pierre-Antoine Jean, François Trousset, Jacky Montmain)....Pages 318-325
Analysis of Herd Behavior in Stock Prices Using Machine Learning (Gerard Rique, Patrick Hosein, Vaalmikki Arjoon)....Pages 326-331
Front Matter ....Pages 333-333
Personalized Music Experience for the Wellbeing of Elderly People (Stefania Bandini, Francesca Gasparini, Marta Giltri)....Pages 335-340
Cognitive and Physiological Response for Health Monitoring in an Ageing Population: A Multi-modal System (Aurora Saibene, Francesca Gasparini)....Pages 341-347
Nudges Driven Networks: Towards More Acceptable Recommendations for Inducing Targeted Social Communities (Italo Zoppis, Sara Manzoni, Giancarlo Mauri, Giada Pietrabissa, Andrea Trentini, Daniela Micucci et al.)....Pages 348-355
Back Matter ....Pages 357-358


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互联网科学:第六届国际会议,INSCI 2019,法国佩皮尼昂,2019年12月2-5日,会议记录-Internet Science: 6th International Conference, IN
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