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准备:孩子们需要什么来充实生活-Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life文件编号:1578

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标题(title):Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life
作者(author):Diane Tavenner
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iane Tavenner, founder of Summit Public Schools, offers a blueprint for a better way to educate our children, based on the revolutionary lessons, insights and methodology she and her faculty developed over 15 years at their famously successful charter schools in California and Washington, which she is now introducing to public school systems across the country that Summitt is partnering with to transform education and better prepare our children to lead fulfilled and successful lives.

Diane Tavenner founded the first Summit charter school in 2003, developing and perfecting a personalized, project-based curriculum that puts students in charge of their own learning. The school developed a personalized learning plan for every student. They engaged the students by engaging them in interdisciplinary, real-world projects, rather than passively learning and memorizing in a classroom environment. They created mentorship groups, where students would talk through their goals and help each other solve problems, as well as meet one on one with their mentor, weekly. By internalizing a sense of purpose, self-direction, self-sufficiency, collaboration, students learn the cognitive and life skills needed to navigate the next phases of their lives. Virtually 100% of Summit's original 400 students went on to attend four year colleges. In the years that followed, Summit opened 10 more charter schools in California and Washington, to similar success, and national recognition.

Today, Tavenner, and Summit Public Schools, are partnering with 400 public schools, across 40 states, and over 3500 teachers and 80,000 students, to bring the Summit Learning Program and teaching practices to school systems everywhere. With generous support from Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg's nonprofit organization, which calls Summit "the future of education," and over one hundred million dollars in contributions from the Gates Foundation, Summit is revolutionizing how our children are educated.
Table of contents :
Title Page
Author’s Note
Part I: Why Prepare
Chapter One: Because Graduation Should Mean More
Chapter Two: Because Good Intentions Aren’t Enough
Chapter Three: Because It’s a Solvable Problem
Part II: How to Prepare
Chapter Four: Real-World and Project-Based Learning: Speaking Out
Chapter Five: Self-Direction: The Fallacy of Sink or Swim
Chapter Six: Reflection: Max’s Mentor
Chapter Seven: Collaboration: Leave No Husky Behind
Part III: What Is Prepared?
Chapter Eight: Successful Habits: The Building Blocks
Chapter Nine: Curiosity-Driven Knowledge: The Tutoring Bar
Chapter Ten: Universal Skills: The Innovation Summit
Chapter Eleven: Concrete Next Steps: Life After Graduation
What Now: A Jump-Start to Bringing Prepared Home
Reading Group Guide
About the Author

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