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阴谋论与当代宗教手册-Handbook Of Conspiracy Theory And Contemporary Religion

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标题(title):Handbook Of Conspiracy Theory And Contemporary Religion
作者(author):Egil Asprem, Asbjørn Dyrendal, David George Robertson
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"Conspiracy theories are a ubiquitous feature of our times. The Handbook of Conspiracy Theories and Contemporary Religion is the first reference work to offer a comprehensive, transnational overview of this phenomenon along with in-depth discussions of how conspiracy theories relate to religion(s). Bringing together experts from a wide range of disciplines, from psychology and philosophy to political science and the history of religions, the book sets the standard for the interdisciplinary study of religion and conspiracy theories"
Table of contents :
Introducing the field: conspiracy theory in, about, and as religion / David G. Robertson, Egil Asprem and Asbjørn Dyrendal --
Conspiracy theories and the study of religions: what we are talking about, and why it is important / Asbjørn Dyrendal, Egil Asprem and David G. Robertson --
Rational enchantments: conspiracy theory between secular scepticism and spiritual salvation / Stef Aupers and Jaron Harambam --
Is a belief in providence the same as a belief in conspiracy? / Brian L. Keeley --
Are conspiracy theories a surrogate for God? / Michael Wood and Karen Douglas --
A web of conspiracy: Internet and conspiracy theory / Joseph E. Uscinski, Darin DeWitt and Matthew D. Atkinson --
The Satanism scare in apartheid South Africa / Nicky Falkof --
"Trust me, you can't trust them": stigmatised knowledge in cults and conspiracies / Amanda van Eck Duymaer van Twist and Suzanne Newcombe --
Popular music, conspiracy culture, and the sacred / Christopher Partridge --
Close companions: esotericism and conspiracy theories / Egil Asprem and Asbjørn Dyrendal --
The counter-elite: strategies of authority in millennial conspiracism / David G. Robertson --
Buddhism endangered by hidden enemies: conspiracy narratives in Sri Lankan Buddhist present and past / Sven Bretfeld --
Buddhist Islamophobia: actors, tropes, contexts / Iselin Frydenlund --
Islamism and the instrumentalisation of conspiracism / Willow J. Berridge --
Anti-Jewish and Anti-Zionist conspiracism in the Arab world: historical and political roots / Barbara De Poli --
A fantastic people and its enemies: an analysis of an emerging Albanian mythology / Cecilie endresen --
Was Aristotle an anti-Semitic alien? conspiracy theory, ufology, and the colonisation of the past in contemporary Greece / Tao T. Makeeff --
The role of conspiracy theory in the Aum Shinrikyo incident / Tsuji Ryutaro --
Framing of a conspiracy theory: the Efendi series / Turkay Nefes --
The third Rome against the third temple: apocalypticism and conspiracism in post-Soviet Russia / Michael Hagemeister --
Alexander Dugin: between eschatology, esotericism, and conspiracy theory / Victor Shnirelman --
Conspiracy theories and neo-Nazism in the cultic milieu / Paul Jackson --
Evil cult or persecuted minority: conspiracy theories surrounding Falun Gong and the government of the People's Republic of China / Helen Farley --
The messiah is a salesman, yet consumerism is a con(spiracy): the Church of the Subgenius, work, and the pursuit of slack as a spiritual ideal / Carole M. Cusack --
Afterword: further reflections, future directions / Egil Asprem, David G. Robertson and Asbjørn Dyrendal.
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阴谋论与当代宗教手册-Handbook Of Conspiracy Theory And Contemporary Religion
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