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内容营销和数字公关的终极指南-The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing & Digital PR

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标题(title):The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing & Digital PR
作者(author):harlie Marchant , Luke Nicholson, Tim Cameron-Kitchen
出版社(publisher):Createspace Independent Pub
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How to get attention for your business, turbocharge your ranking and establish yourself as an authority in your market

Ever wanted to get your business featured in publications like Forbes, National newspaper websites, magazines and trade journals?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the rise of blogging and wondered how your business can tap into this ready-made network of highly influential people to boost your credibility and get in front of your perfect target audience?

In this groundbreaking book, the superstar Digital PR team from Exposure Ninja break down step-by-step their process for getting any business in any market coverage in the most relevant online publications. Whether you want to build credibility to become an authority, drive traffic to your website or attract the sort of links that turbocharge ranking, this book will walk you through the process.

You will discover:

How businesses of all size - from 1 person to 100,000 people - can utilise Digital PR for free publicity.

How to identify the perfect market to maximise the impact of your Digital PR.

How to generate ideas and angles for stories that publications will bite your hand off for.

The ‘secret underworld’ of Sponsored Content and how to utilise it for maximum profit.

How to use Content Marketing to spread your reach through infographics, articles, and videos.

How to find and connect with the most influential bloggers in your market and have them sing your praises publicly to their audience.

How to use contests to boost your social media following (including one example that generated over 3,000 entries for less than the price of three cups of coffee).

How and why to use live events to explode your online visibility (clue: the strategies in this section won’t have even occurred to your competitors).

How to create and manage a workable digital PR campaign in whatever time you have available, whether it’s 20 minutes per week or 8 hours per day.

How to use two hashtags on Twitter to ‘unlock’ a hidden world of journalists desperate to write about you (clue: see an example of this strategy where we sent 3 tweets which got us featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Guardian websites in less than 2 weeks).

What most businesses don’t realise is that journalists, editors, and bloggers are crying out for good stories to write about. Provided that you understand exactly what they are looking for and how to position your business in a way that makes you interesting, rather than have to push push push, these gatekeepers will be coming to you asking for more!



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内容营销和数字公关的终极指南-The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing & Digital PR
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