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微生物状态:全球繁荣与身体政治-The Microbial State: Global Thriving and the Body Politic文件编号:1239

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标题(title):The Microbial State: Global Thriving and the Body Politic
作者(author):Stefanie R. Fishel
出版社(publisher):University of Minnesota Press
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An innovative exploration of the metaphorical power of bodies on global politics and the potential for the planet’s future

For three centuries, concepts of the state have been animated by one of the most powerful metaphors in politics: the body politic, a claustrophobic and bounded image of sovereignty. Climate change, neoliberalism, mass migration, and other aspects of the late Anthropocene have increasingly revealed the limitations of this metaphor. Just as the human body is not whole and separate from other bodies—comprising microbes, bacteria, water, and radioactive isotopes—Stefanie R. Fishel argues that the body politic of the state exists in dense entanglement with other communities and forms of life.

Drawing on insights from continental philosophy, science and technology studies, and international relations theory, this path-breaking book critiques the concept of the body politic on the grounds of its very materiality. Fishel both redefines and extends the metaphor of the body politic and its role in understanding an increasingly posthuman, globalized world politics. By conceiving of bodies and states as lively vessels, living harmoniously with multiplicity and the biosphere, she argues that a radical shift in metaphors can challenge a politics based on fear to open new forms of global political practice and community.

Reframing the concept of the body politic to accommodate greater levels of complexity, Fishel suggests, will result in new configurations for the political and social organization necessary to build a world in which the planet’s inhabitants do not merely live but actively thrive.
Table of contents :
Cover......Page 1
Half Title......Page 2
Title......Page 4
Copyright......Page 5
Dedication......Page 6
Contents......Page 8
Preface and Acknowledgments......Page 10
Introduction: Involutionary Politics......Page 14
1. Corporeal Politics......Page 38
2. Lively Subjects, Bodies Politic......Page 68
3. States in Nature, Nature in States......Page 89
4. Posthuman Politics......Page 111
Coda: New Metaphors for Global Living......Page 126
Notes......Page 132
D......Page 154
L......Page 155
P......Page 156
Z......Page 157

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