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心脏与循环:一个综合模型-The Heart and Circulation: An Integrative Model文件编号:1208

上传于 2020年2月27日 10:23
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标题(title):The Heart and Circulation: An Integrative Model
作者(author):Branko Furst
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):17 MB (17365103 bytes)

This extensively revised second edition traces the development of the basic concepts in cardiovascular physiology in light of the accumulated experimental and clinical evidence. It considers the early embryonic circulation, where blood circulation suggests the existence of a motive force, tightly coupled to the metabolic demands of the tissues. It proposes that rather than being an organ of propulsion, the heart, serves as an organ of control, generating pressure by rhythmically impeding blood flow. New and expanded chapters cover the arterial pulse, circulation in the upright posture, microcirculation and functional heart morphology.

Heart and Circulation offers a new perspective for deeper understanding of the human cardiovascular system. It is therefore a thought-provoking resource for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and trainees interested in models of human circulation.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xl
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Early Embryo Circulation (Branko Furst)....Pages 3-10
The Onset of Circulation (Branko Furst)....Pages 11-19
Hemodynamics of the Early Embryo Circulation (Branko Furst)....Pages 21-29
Flow Patterns in the Early Embryo Circulation (Branko Furst)....Pages 31-35
Is There a Circulation Without a Heart? (Branko Furst)....Pages 37-40
The Embryo Heart is Not a Peristaltic Pump (Branko Furst)....Pages 41-46
Flow Perturbation Experiments (Branko Furst)....Pages 47-51
Heart Rate Perturbations (Branko Furst)....Pages 53-56
The Heart as a Generator of Pressure (Branko Furst)....Pages 57-60
Ventriculo–Vascular Interaction (Branko Furst)....Pages 61-64
A Brief Comparative Phylogeny (Branko Furst)....Pages 65-86
Evolutionary Aspect of the Rhythmical System (Branko Furst)....Pages 87-93
Front Matter ....Pages 95-95
Functional Morphology of the Heart (Branko Furst)....Pages 97-120
Regulation of Cardiac Output (Branko Furst)....Pages 121-145
Circulatory and Respiratory Functions of the Blood (Branko Furst)....Pages 147-165
Models of the Heart (Branko Furst)....Pages 167-191
Cardiovascular Response During Exercise (Branko Furst)....Pages 193-210
Hemodynamic Effects of Aortic Occlusion (Branko Furst)....Pages 211-219
Increased Pulmonary Flows (Branko Furst)....Pages 221-233
Single Ventricle Physiology (Branko Furst)....Pages 235-244
Microcirculation (Branko Furst)....Pages 245-260
Front Matter ....Pages 261-261
Arterial Pulse (Branko Furst)....Pages 263-286
Heartbeat and Respiration: Toward a Functional Chronobiology (Branko Furst)....Pages 287-317
The Effect of Gravity and Upright Posture on Circulation (Branko Furst)....Pages 319-341
The Integrative Model of Circulation: A Synthesis (Branko Furst)....Pages 343-369
Back Matter ....Pages 371-376

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