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智能系统、技术和应用:ISTA 2018年会议记录-Intelligent Systems, Technologies and Applications: Proceedings of ISTA 20

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标题(title):Intelligent Systems, Technologies and Applications: Proceedings of ISTA 2018
智能系统、技术和应用:ISTA 2018年会议记录
作者(author):Sabu M. Thampi, Ljiljana Trajkovic, Sushmita Mitra, P. Nagabhushan, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Juan M. Corchado, Stefano Berretti, Deepak Mishra
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
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This book explores and discusses various aspects of intelligent systems technologies and their applications. It constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (ISTA’18), September 19-22, 2018, Bangalore, India. All submissions were evaluated on the basis of their significance, novelty, and technical quality. This book contains 20 papers selected for presentation at the Symposium. The book is chiefly intended for, and offers a valuable resource for, researchers and scientists engaged in various fields involving intelligent systems.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Dynamic Mode-Based Feature with Random Mapping for Sentiment Analysis (S. Sachin Kumar, M. Anand Kumar, K. P. Soman, Prabaharan Poornachandran)....Pages 1-15
Efficient Pre-processing and Feature Selection for Clustering of Cancer Tweets (P. G. Lavanya, K. Kouser, Mallappa Suresha)....Pages 17-37
Intrinsic Evaluation for English–Tamil Bilingual Word Embeddings (J. P. Sanjanasri, Vijay Krishna Menon, S. Rajendran, K. P. Soman, M. Anand Kumar)....Pages 39-51
A Novel Approach of Augmenting Training Data for Legal Text Segmentation by Leveraging Domain Knowledge (Rupali Sunil Wagh, Deepa Anand)....Pages 53-63
Sarcasm Detection on Twitter: User Behavior Approach (Nitin Malave, Sudhir N. Dhage)....Pages 65-76
Personalized Recommender Agent for E-Commerce Products Based on Data Mining Techniques (Veer Sain Dixit, Shalini Gupta)....Pages 77-90
Pep—Personalized Educational Platform (Vivek M. Jude, A. Nayana, Reshma M. Pillai, Jisha John)....Pages 91-100
Maneuvering Black-Hole Attack Using Different Traffic Generators in MANETs (Fahmina Taranum, Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan)....Pages 101-115
Variant of Nearest Neighborhood Fingerprint Storage System by Reducing Redundancies (K. Anjana, K. Praveen, P. P. Amritha, M. Sethumadhavan)....Pages 117-128
Evaluation of Water Body Extraction from Satellite Images Using Open-Source Tools (K. Rithin Paul Reddy, Suda Sai Srija, R. Karthi, P. Geetha)....Pages 129-140
A Modification to the Nguyen–Widrow Weight Initialization Method (Apeksha Mittal, Amit Prakash Singh, Pravin Chandra)....Pages 141-153
Impact Analysis of LFM Jammer Signals on Stepped Frequency PAM4 RADAR Waveforms (K. Keerthana, G. A. Shanmugha Sundaram)....Pages 155-171
IoT-Enabled Air Monitoring System (Chavi Srivastava, Shyamli Singh, Amit Prakash Singh)....Pages 173-180
Phase-Modulated Stepped Frequency Waveform Design for Low Probability of Detection Radar Signals (R. Vignesh, G. A. Shanmugha Sundaram, R. Gandhiraj)....Pages 181-195
Effect of Waveform Coding on Stepped Frequency Modulated Pulsed Radar Transmit Signals (G. Priyanga, G. A. Shanmugha Sundaram)....Pages 197-217
A Decision-Making Approach Based On L-IVHFSS Setting (AR. Pandipriya, J. Vimala, Xindong Peng, S. Sabeena Begam)....Pages 219-225
Battery Assisted, PSO-BFOA based Single Stage PV Inverter fed Five Phase Induction Motor Drive for Green Boat Applications (Y. Suri Babu, K. Chandra Sekhar)....Pages 227-240
Intelligent Refrigerator (Ishank Agarwal)....Pages 241-258
Online Knowledge-Based System for CAD Modeling and Manufacturing: An Approach (Jayakiran Reddy Esanakula, J. Venkatesu Naik, D. Rajendra, V. Pandu Rangadu)....Pages 259-268
Hepatoprotective Activity of the Biherbal Extract in Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) Induced Hepatoxicity—A Study of Histopathological Image Analysis (K. Sujatha, V. Karthikeyan, R. S. Ponmagal, N. P. G. Bhavani, V. Srividhya, Rajeswari Hari et al.)....Pages 269-287
Back Matter ....Pages 289-290
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智能系统、技术和应用:ISTA 2018年会议记录-Intelligent Systems, Technologies and Applications: Proceedings of ISTA 20
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