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开放城市|开放数据:信息时代的协作城市-Open Cities | Open Data: Collaborative Cities in the Information Era

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标题(title):Open Cities | Open Data: Collaborative Cities in the Information Era
作者(author):Scott Hawken, Hoon Han, Chris Pettit
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore;Palgrave Macmillan
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Today the world’s largest economies and corporations trade in data and its products to generate value in new disruptive markets. Within these markets vast streams of data are often inaccessible or untapped and controlled by powerful monopolies. Counter to this exclusive use of data is a promising world-wide “open-data” movement, promoting freely accessible information to share, reuse and redistribute. The provision and application of open data has enormous potential to transform exclusive, technocratic “smart cities” into inclusive and responsive “open-cities”.
This book argues that those who contribute urban data should benefit from its production. Like the city itself, the information landscape is a public asset produced through collective effort, attention, and resources. People produce data through their engagement with the city, creating digital footprints through social medial, mobility applications, and city sensors. By opening up data there is potential to generate greater value by supporting unforeseen collaborations, spontaneous urban innovations and solutions, and improved decision-making insights. Yet achieving more open cities is made challenging by conflicting desires for urban anonymity, sociability, privacy and transparency. This book engages with these issues through a variety of critical perspectives, and presents strategies, tools and case studies that enable this transformation.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xlii
Introduction: Open Data and the Generation of Urban Value (Scott Hawken, Hoon Han, Christopher Pettit)....Pages 1-25
Front Matter ....Pages 27-27
Homelessness and Open City Data: Addressing a Global Challenge (Sonia Hugh, Mark S. Fox)....Pages 29-55
Open Data and Racial Segregation: Mapping the Historic Imprint of Racial Covenants and Redlining on American Cities (Ashley Bakelmun, Sarah Jane Shoenfeld)....Pages 57-83
Safer Cities for Women: Global and Local Innovations with Open Data and Civic Technology (Scott Hawken, Simone Z. Leao, Ori Gudes, Parisa Izadpanahi, Kalpana Viswanath, Christopher Pettit)....Pages 85-105
Open Online Platforms and the Collaborative Production of Micro Urban Spaces: Towards an Architecture of Civic Engagement (Homa Rahmat)....Pages 107-128
Slum Digitisation, Its Opponents and Allies in Developing Smart Cities: The Case of Kibera, Nairobi (Bitange Ndemo)....Pages 129-148
Front Matter ....Pages 149-149
Mapping Climate Vulnerability with Open Data: A Dashboard for Place-Based Action (Scott Hawken, Komali Yenneti, Carole Bodilis)....Pages 151-175
Urban Metabolism and Open Data: Opportunities and Challenges for Urban Resource Efficiency (Aristide Athanassiadis)....Pages 177-196
Tackling the Challenge of Growing Cities: An Informed Urbanisation Approach (Christopher Pettit, Elizabeth Wentz, Bill Randolph, David Sanderson, Frank Kelly, Sean Beevers et al.)....Pages 197-219
Linking Complex Urban Systems: Insights from Cross-Domain Urban Data Analysis (Lelin Zhang, Bang Zhang, Ting Guo, Fang Chen, Peter Runcie, Bronwyn Cameron et al.)....Pages 221-239
Interfacing the City: Mixed Reality as a Form of Open Data (Jeremy Harkins, Christopher Heard)....Pages 241-263
A Dashboard for the Unexpected: Open Data for Real-Time Disaster Response (Ian Tilley, Christopher Pettit)....Pages 265-286
Front Matter ....Pages 287-287
An Information Management Strategy for City Data Hubs: Open Data Strategies for Large Organisations (Pascal Perez, Christopher Pettit, Sarah Barns, Jonathan Doig, Carmela Ticzon)....Pages 289-309
Tell Me How My Open Data Is Re-used: Increasing Transparency Through the Open City Toolkit (Auriol Degbelo, Carlos Granell, Sergio Trilles, Devanjan Bhattacharya, Jonas Wissing)....Pages 311-330
From Repositories to Switchboards: Local Governments as Open Data Facilitators (Irina Anastasiu, Marcus Foth, Ronald Schroeter, Markus Rittenbruch)....Pages 331-358
Understanding the Open Data Challenge for Building Smart Cities in India (Sarbeswar Praharaj, Saswat Bandyopadhyay)....Pages 359-382
Resilient Cities, User-Driven Planning, and Open Data Policy (Paul Burton, Anne Tiernan, Malcolm Wolski, Lex Drennan, Lochlan Morrissey)....Pages 383-400
Correction to: Open Cities | Open Data (Scott Hawken, Hoon Han, Christopher Pettit)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 401-418
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开放城市|开放数据:信息时代的协作城市-Open Cities | Open Data: Collaborative Cities in the Information Era
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