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心理学哲学读物,第一卷-Readings in philosophy of psychology, Volume I

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标题(title):Readings in philosophy of psychology, Volume I
作者(author):Block, Ned Joel
出版社(publisher):Harvard University Press
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Table of contents :
v. 1. Introduction. What is philosophy of psychology? / Ned Block --
Part one. Behaviorism --
Introduction : Behaviorism / Harris Savin --
The logical analysis of psychology / Carl G. Hempel --
Brains and behavior / Hilary Putnam --
Selections from Science and human behavior / B.F. Skinner --
A review of B.F. Skinner's Verbal behavior / Noam Chomsky --
Part two. Reductionism and physicalism --
Materialism without reductionism : what physicalism does not entail / Richard Boyd --
Mental events / Donald Davidson --
Special sciences, or the disunity of science as a working hypothesis / Jerry A. Fodor --
Philosophy and our mental life / Hilary Putnam --
Excerpt from "Identity and necessity" / Saul A. Kripke --
Identity, necessity, and events / Fred Feldman --
Anomalous monism and Kripke's Cartesian intuitions / Colin McGinn --
What is it like to be a bat? / Thomas Nagel --
Part three. Functionalism --
Introduction : What is functionalism? / Ned Block --
Functional analysis / Robert Cummins --
The nature of mind / D.M. Armstrong --
Armstrong on the mind / Thomas Nagel --
Psychophysical and theoretical identifications
Mad pain and Martian pain / David Lewis --
The nature of mental states / Hilary Putnam --
Reviews of Putnam / David Lewis --
Physicalism and the multiple realizability of mental states / Jaegwon Kim --
What psychological states are not / Ned Block and Jerry A. Fodor --
Functionalism and qualia / Sydney Shoemaker --
Troubles with functionalism / Ned Block. v. 2. Introduction. What is philosophy of psychology? / Ned Block --
Part one. Mental representation --
Introduction : Mental representations and languages of thought / David Hills --
Selections from Mental acts / Peter Geach --
Language learning / Gilbert Harman --
Propositional attitudes / Jerry A. Fodor --
A cure for the common code? / Daniel C. Dennett --
Mental representation / Hartry H. Field --
Part two. Imagery --
Introduction : What are mental images? / Georges Rey --
The nature of images and the introspective trap / Daniel C. Dennett --
Imagistic representation / Jerry A. Fodor --
Imagery, propositions, and the form of internal representations / Stephen M. Kosslyn and James R. Pomerantz --
Imagery and artificial intelligence / Zenon W. Pylyshyn --
Part three. The subject matter of grammar --
Introduction :Some notes on what linguistics is about / Jerry A. Fodor --
Grammar, psychology, and indeterminacy / Stephen P. Stich --
What the linguist is talking about / Noam Chomsky and Jerrold J. Katz --
The psychological unreality of semantic representations / Janet D. Fodor, Jerry A. Fodor, Merrill F. Garrett --
The real status of semantic representations / Jerrold J. Katz --
Part four. Innate ideas --
Introduction : What is innateness? / Ned Block --
Innate ideas / Jerrold J. Katz --
The "Innateness Hypothesis" and explanatory models in linguistics / Hilary Putnam --
Reply to Putnam
On cognitive capacity / Noam Chomsky --
The specificity of language skills / Jerry A. Fodor, Thomas G. Bever, Merrill F. Garrett --
What is innate and why / Hilary Putnam --
Discussion of Putnam's comments / Noam Chomsky --
Comment on Chomsky's reply / Hilary Putnam.
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心理学哲学读物,第一卷-Readings in philosophy of psychology, Volume I
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