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碳酸盐岩储层岩石物理与岩石物理研究进展-Petro-physics and Rock Physics of Carbonate Reservoirs: Likely Elucidations and

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标题(title):Petro-physics and Rock Physics of Carbonate Reservoirs: Likely Elucidations and Way Forward
作者(author):Kumar Hemant Singh, Ritesh Mohan Joshi
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
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This book presents selected articles from the workshop on "Challenges in Petrophysical Evaluation and Rock Physics Modeling of Carbonate Reservoirs" held at IIT Bombay in November 2017. The articles included explore the challenges associated with using well-log data, core data analysis, and their integration in the qualitative and quantitative assessment of petrophysical and elastic properties in carbonate reservoirs. The book also discusses the recent trends and advances in the area of research and development of carbonate reservoir characterization, both in industry and academia. Further, it addresses the challenging concept of porosity portioning, which has huge implications for exploration and development success in these complex reservoirs, enabling readers to understand the varying orders of deposition and diagenesis and also to model the flow and elastic properties.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Carbonate Reservoirs: Recent Large to Giant Carbonate Discoveries Around the World and How They Are Shaping the Carbonate Reservoir Landscape (Ritesh Mohan Joshi, Kumar Hemant Singh)....Pages 3-14
Conquering Carbonate Complexities: Understanding Geological Processes that Control Poro-Perm Relationships (K. Vasudevan)....Pages 15-27
Understanding Clastic-Carbonate Interplay in Distal Part of Tapti-Daman Sector of the Mumbai Offshore Basin and Its Implications on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity (Debakanta Biswal, Nasimudeen Nedeer, Subrata Banerjee, Kumar Hemant Singh)....Pages 29-43
Accelerated Weathering of Limestone for CO2 Mitigation (Moulishree Joshi)....Pages 45-51
Front Matter ....Pages 53-53
Petrophysical Modelling of Carbonate Reservoir from Bombay Offshore Basin (Monesh Sharma, Kumar Hemant Singh, Sanjay Pandit, Anil Kumar, Ashok Soni)....Pages 55-69
Foam for CO2 EOR in a Carbonate Reservoir: Scale-up from Lab to Field (M. Sharma, Z. P. Alcorn, S. B. Fredriksen, M. A. Fernø, A. Graue)....Pages 71-92
Integrated Reservoir Characterization Using Petrophysical and Petrographical Analysis (Archit Gupta, Gaurav S. Gairola)....Pages 93-103
Lithology Identification Using Lithology Impedance in Mumbai Offshore (Amrita Roy, Rima Chatterjee)....Pages 105-113
A Review on Influence of Mineralogy and Diagenesis on Spectral Induced Polarization Measurements in Carbonate Rocks (Neha Panwar, Ravi Sharma)....Pages 115-125
Front Matter ....Pages 127-127
Partitioning of Porosity for Carbonate Reservoirs Using Differential Effective Medium Models (Kumar Hemant Singh, Anil Kumar, Sanjay Pandit, Ashok Soni)....Pages 129-143
Effective Medium Modeling of CO2-Sequestered Carbonate Reservoir (Ranjana Ghosh, Mrinal K. Sen)....Pages 145-160
Computation Methods in Petrophysics for Addressing Redundancy and Reservoir Property Prediction (Abhijeet S. Bhardwaj, Ravi Sharma)....Pages 161-176
Scaling Issues in Estimation of Pore Space Using Digital Rock Physics (Shruti Malik, Ravi Sharma)....Pages 177-187
Front Matter ....Pages 189-189
Advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs: A Case Study (K. Vasudevan)....Pages 191-205
Interpreting Carbonates Generated AVO Anomaly in Clastic Regime: A Case Study in Deepwaters of Indian Basin (N. K. Khatri, P. K. Chaudhury)....Pages 207-219
Application of Hilbert–Huang Transform in Effective Reservoir Characterization (Vaibhav Jayaswal, Gaurav S. Gairola)....Pages 221-231
Reservoir Characterization of Carbonate Facies Towards Hydrocarbon Exploration in Jaisalmer Sub-basin, India (Raman Chahal, Saurabh Datta Gupta)....Pages 233-248
Front Matter ....Pages 249-249
Petrophysical Characterization of Sandstone Reservoir from Well Log Data: A Case Study from South Tapti Formation, India (N. P. Singh, S. P. Maurya, Kumar Hemant Singh)....Pages 251-265
Sensitivity Analysis of Petrophysical Parameters Due to Fluid Substitution in a Sandstone Reservoir (S. P. Maurya, N. P. Singh, Kumar Hemant Singh)....Pages 267-280
Friction-Induced Wellbore Instability Due to Drill String (Arun K. Singh, Nitish Sinha, T. N. Singh)....Pages 281-289
Back Matter ....Pages 291-299
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碳酸盐岩储层岩石物理与岩石物理研究进展-Petro-physics and Rock Physics of Carbonate Reservoirs: Likely Elucidations and
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