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智能计算、通信和设备的最新趋势:ICCD 2018会议录-Recent Trends in Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices: Proc

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标题(title):Recent Trends in Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices: Proceedings of ICCD 2018
智能计算、通信和设备的最新趋势:ICCD 2018会议录
作者(author):Vipul Jain, Srikanta Patnaik, Florin Popențiu Vlădicescu, Ishwar K. Sethi
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
大小(size):28 MB (28841423 bytes)

This book gathers a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices (ICCD 2018), which address three core dimensions of the intelligent sciences—intelligent computing, intelligent communication, and intelligent devices. Intelligent computing includes areas such as intelligent and distributed computing, intelligent grid and cloud computing, Internet of Things, soft computing and engineering applications, data mining and knowledge discovery, semantic and web technology, hybrid systems, agent computing, bioinformatics, and recommendation systems.
In turn, intelligent communication is concerned with communication and network technologies, such as mobile broadband and all-optical networks, which are the key to groundbreaking advances in intelligent communication technologies. It includes communication hardware, software and networked intelligence, mobile technologies, machine-to-machine communication networks, speech and natural language processing, routing techniques and network analytics, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, communications and information security, signal, image and video processing, network management, and traffic engineering.

Lastly, intelligent devices refer to any equipment, instruments, or machines that have their own computing capability, and covers areas such as embedded systems, radiofrequency identification (RFID), radiofrequency microelectromechanical systems (RF MEMS), very large-scale integration (VLSI) design and electronic devices, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design and testing, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microsystems, solar cells and photonics, nanodevices, single electron and spintronic devices, space electronics, and intelligent robotics.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Global Stability of a Viral Dynamical Model (Lin Li, Fengyin Gao)....Pages 3-8
Research on Construction of the Software Technology Profession in Vocational Institutes Based on the External Vision (Dengfeng Xiong, Haizhen Zhou, Lihong Huang)....Pages 9-16
Numerical Study on the Expanded Mixed Covolume Method for One-Dimensional Sobolev Equation (Na Li)....Pages 17-23
Research on the Control Method of Coal Sample Blanking Based on the BP Neural Network and the PID Algorithm (Faquan Zhang, Baokun Liu, Guofu Wang, Jincai Ye)....Pages 25-32
A Practice on Neural Machine Translation from Indonesian to Chinese (Lin Bai, Wuying Liu)....Pages 33-38
Keyword-Based Indonesian Text Summarization (Jinru Liu, Wuying Liu)....Pages 39-46
Automatic Decision Support for Public Opinion Governance of Urban Public Events (Zhaoxuan Li, Wuying Liu)....Pages 47-53
Improved Local Morphology Fitting Active Contour with Weighted Data Term for Vessel Segmentation (Xuan Wang, Kaiqiong Sun)....Pages 55-62
3D Point Cloud Data Splicing Algorithm Based on Feature Corner Model (Siyong Fu)....Pages 63-69
A Preliminary Study on Mobile Learning (Dan Zhao)....Pages 71-77
Design and Implementation of Real-Time Inquiry System of the Stock Market (Peiyao Nie, Yulian Wen, Meng Yan)....Pages 79-85
An Improved Feature Selection Algorithm for Fault Level Identification (Weiwei Pan)....Pages 87-94
Computing Model of Musical Multiple Perception Based on Memory Mapping Perception Inversion (Yumeng He, Ping He)....Pages 95-101
A Natural Immersive Closed-Loop Interaction Method for Human–Robot “Rock–Paper–Scissors” Game (Xvjun Yuan, Shan Dai, Yeyang Fang)....Pages 103-111
Capsule Network-Based Facial Expression Recognition Method for a Humanoid Robot (Jingru Zhang, Nanfeng Xiao)....Pages 113-121
Equipment Maintenance Mode Decision Based on Fuzzy Multi-attribute Decision Method (Hongtu Cai, Yuwen Liu, Hao Wu, Pengfei Ma, Ancheng Hu)....Pages 123-129
A Method for Facial Kinship Verification Based on Deep Learning (Hao Zhou, Xiongdong Qiu, Huajian Cong, Haiyan Wu, Baiping Wang, Fuli Guo et al.)....Pages 131-139
A Domain-Adapting Word Representation Method for Word Clustering (Wanting Zhou, Hanbin Wang, Hongguang Sun, Tieli Sun)....Pages 141-147
Fitting Complex Nonlinear Function with Belief Rule Base (Xilang Tang, Mingqing Xiao, Bin Hu, Chunqing Gao)....Pages 149-155
Approximate Kernel Regression Based on Distributed ADMM Algorithm (Lina Sun, Wenfeng Jing, Cheng Zhang, Haizhen Zhu)....Pages 157-166
Detection for Mixed-Characters Based on Machine Learning (Liang Han, Shuai Zou, Dengke He, Wen Jing Zhou)....Pages 167-173
Research on 3D Terminal Rendering Technology Based on Power Equipment Business Features (Gang Wang, Xiaodong Zhang, Chengzhi Zhu, He Wang, Lin Peng, Zhansheng Hou)....Pages 175-181
Community Detection Based on Improved Bee Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm (Shijin Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Jibiao Tian, Zhiqiang Wu, Weikai Dai)....Pages 183-196
Named Entity Recognition for Chinese Management Case Texts (Suhui Liu, Xiaodong Zhang, Xinhao Zhan)....Pages 197-204
Application of Virtual Simulation Platform in Basic Medical Teaching (Dong Lin, Qin Zhao, Haiyun Luan, Yudong Hou)....Pages 205-211
Impacts of Features and Tagging Schemes on Chunking (Xiaofeng Liu)....Pages 213-219
A Generic Stiffness Measurement Method for a 3-DOF Cable-Driven Joint Module (Kaisheng Yang, Guilin Yang, Silu Chen, Zaojun Fang, Yi Wang, Lefeng Gu et al.)....Pages 221-227
Research on Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis Technology of Cloud Test (Weijie Kang, Jiyang Xiao, Xiaoruo Kong)....Pages 229-235
Android Malware Detection Model Based on LightGBM (Guangyu Wang, Zhijing Liu)....Pages 237-243
ID3-Based Classification of College Students’ Physical Fitness Data (Gang Ma, Liumei Zhang, Shoubang Li)....Pages 245-252
Influences of R&D Input on Brand Value Based on Coupling Threshold Regression Analysis (Duan Qi)....Pages 253-263
Global Analysis of a Class of SIRS Models with Constant Input and Nonlinear Infectivity (Fei Wang)....Pages 265-270
A Novel Method for Touchless Palmprint ROI Extraction via Skin Color Analysis (Qin Li, Hong Lai, Jane You)....Pages 271-276
Face Detection Based on YOLOv3 (Chong Li, Rong Wang, Jinze Li, Linyu Fei)....Pages 277-284
Research on Computational Thinking Ability Training and Blended Learning (Chong Shen, Kun Zhang)....Pages 285-294
Research on Architecture Design of Aerospace Simulation System Integrating Cloud and Edge Computing (Zhou Jun, Zhao Yang, Shi Zijun, Liang Lei)....Pages 295-301
Multi-person Collaborative Interaction Algorithm and Application Based on HoloLens (Chunfeng Xu, Yange Wang, Wei Quan, He Yang)....Pages 303-315
Design and Implementation of the Context-Based Adaptive Filtering System for Sensitive Words (Jun Yu, Qingfeng Wei, Changshou Luo, Junfeng Zhang)....Pages 317-326
Data Crawling and Cluster Analysis of Online Reviews in Xi’an Catering Industry (Jie Kong, Meng Ren)....Pages 327-333
A Preliminary Study on the Assessment of Restrictedness in High Functioning Autism (Zhong Zhao, Xiaobin Zhang, Xinyao Hu, Xiaolan Cao, Jianping Lu, Xingda Qu)....Pages 335-341
Investigation and Analysis of University Libraries’ Participation in the Construction and Service of Think Tanks (Yongxin Qu, Nan Guan, Changwei Huang, Zihan Xu)....Pages 343-348
SAR Target Recognition Via 2DPCA and Weighted Sparse Representation (Yue Zhao, Yulong Qiao, Xiaoyong Men)....Pages 349-356
Research on the Intelligent Unmanned Vehicle Measurement System (Bing Zhang, Lirong Liu, Wenji Zhao)....Pages 357-362
Design and Implementation of Smart Classroom System Based on Internet of Things Technology (Qian Zhu)....Pages 363-369
Research on Heterogeneous Data Exchange Technology Based on Shadow Table (Hua-li Zhang, Fan Yang, Hua-yong Yang, Wei Jiang)....Pages 371-377
Simulation of Gain Effect of Solid-State Impact Ionization Multipliers (Yu Geng, Qin Li, Wan Qiu)....Pages 379-383
Iris Localization Based on Spiking Neural Networks (Jinqing Liu, Yin Liu)....Pages 385-396
A Survey of Digital Twin Technology for PHM (Wang Xiaodong, Liu Feng, Ren Junhua, Liang Rongyu)....Pages 397-403
Image Inpainting of Patch Matching with Boundary and Region Constraints (Huaming Liu, Xuehui Bi, Guanming Lu, Jingjie Yan, Jian Wei, Xiuyou Wang)....Pages 405-413
Design of High-Availability E-Reading Platform (Jianming Huang, Yu Wang)....Pages 415-422
Spatiotemporal Evolution Simulation of Volcanic Ash Cloud from Remote Sensing Image (Cheng Fan Li, Lan Liu, Xian Kun Sun, Jun Juan Zhao, Yuan Yuan, Jing Yuan Yin)....Pages 423-430
A Novel Selection Criterion Based on Diversity Preservation for Non-dominated Solutions (Ali Metiaf, Qianhong Wu)....Pages 431-439
Simulation Study of the High Gain Effect of Reach-Through Solid-State Impact Ionization Multipliers (Yu Geng, Qin Li, Wan Qiu)....Pages 441-444
Big Data Analysis on Learning of Freshmen Based on Open Teaching (Tian Fang, Tan Han, Yao Juan)....Pages 445-452
A Depth Map Inpainting Method-Based Background and Texture for RGB-D Image (Zhang Yan, Wang Jian, Che Dong-Juan)....Pages 453-458
Study on Vegetation Cover Change of Huang Huai Hai Plain Based on MODIS EVI (Yi Huang, Zhaodan Zhang, Xingxing Huang, Chuqiao Hong, Mingyue Wang, Rongrong Zhang et al.)....Pages 459-466
Research on Chinese Chess Detection and Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Network (Conghao Li, Guoliang Chen)....Pages 467-473
Spatial–Temporal Change Characteristics of Vegetation in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain Based on MODIS NDVI (Chuqiao Hong, Mingyue Wang, Rongrong Zhang, Xianmeng Zhang, Jingyu Zeng, Yi Huang et al.)....Pages 475-480
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智能计算、通信和设备的最新趋势:ICCD 2018会议录-Recent Trends in Intelligent Computing, Communication and Devices: Proc
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