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平台时代的人权-Human Rights In The Age Of Platforms

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标题(title):Human Rights In The Age Of Platforms
作者(author):Rikke Frank Jørgensen
出版社(publisher):The MIT Press
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Scholars from across law and internet and media studies examine the human rights implications of today's platform society. Today such companies as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter play an increasingly important role in how users form and express opinions, encounter information, debate, disagree, mobilize, and maintain their privacy. What are the human rights implications of an online domain managed by privately owned platforms? According to the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, adopted by the UN Human Right Council in 2011, businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights and to carry out human rights due diligence. But this goal is dependent on the willingness of states to encode such norms into business regulations and of companies to comply. In this volume, contributors from across law and internet and media studies examine the state of human rights in today's platform society. The contributors consider the “datafication” of society, including the economic model of data extraction and the conceptualization of privacy. They examine online advertising, content moderation, corporate storytelling around human rights, and other platform practices. Finally, they discuss the relationship between human rights law and private actors, addressing such issues as private companies' human rights responsibilities and content regulation.
Table of contents :
Contents......Page 6
Series Editor’s Introduction......Page 8
Foreword......Page 12
Acknowledgments......Page 16
Introduction......Page 18
I Datafication......Page 48
1 “We Make Them Dance”: Surveillance Capitalism, the Rise of Instrumentarian Power, and the Threat to Human Rights......Page 50
2 Digital Transformations, Informed Realities, and Human Conduct......Page 100
3 Data as Humans: Representation, Accountability, and Equality in Big Data......Page 120
4 Situating Personal Information: Privacy in the Algorithmic Age......Page 142
II Platforms......Page 164
5 Online Advertising as a Shaper of Public Communication......Page 166
6 Moderating the Public Sphere......Page 184
7 Rights Talk: In the Kingdom of Online Giants......Page 210
III Regulation......Page 236
8 The Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors......Page 238
9 The Council of Europe and Internet Intermediaries: A Case Study of Tentative Posturing......Page 274
10 The Privacy Disconnect......Page 302
11 Regulating Private Harms Online: Content Regulation under Human Rights Law......Page 332
Contributors......Page 364
Index......Page 368

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平台时代的人权-Human Rights In The Age Of Platforms
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