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2015中国矿产资源-China Mineral Resources 2015

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标题(title):China Mineral Resources 2015
作者(author):Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC
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In 2014, China has continued the implementation of National Exploration and Development Planning and achieved outstanding progress in geological prospecting, and it is the reserves & resources of major mineral resources that increased obviously. There is a sustainable growth in the production and import of major mineral products as well as a further improvement in the supplying capacity. Efforts have been made to promote the survey and evaluation of geology and mineral resources, and better social services. To facilitate the construction of ecological civilization, China has paid more attention to enhance the environmental recovery of mines, and over 25% of the land damaged by mining development has been eeclaimed.
Chinese government has further streamlined the administration, taken multiple measures to stimulate the market, standardized the management of mineral resources, and achieved progress in the conservation and comprehensive utilization. Since 2014, China has canceled 23 examinations and approvals pertaining to geology and mineral resources, brought the mineral resources compensation rate of coal, oil and natural gas to zero and applied ad valorem collection of resource tax on coal. In addition, China has released the first index criterion for the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and the minimum index requirements for the extract recovery rate, concentration recovery rate and comprehensive utilization rate of 8 minerals.
Ministry of Land and Resources has formulated the Report on China Mineral Resources since 2011, in order to make the public better understanding the situation of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, obtain more knowledge on the policies regarding the management of mineral resources, and enhance the capacity of public service and impel the opening of administrative information. This report systematically analyzes the situation of mineral resources, emphatically introduces the main progress in surveys and evaluations of geology and mineral resources, exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources, mine ecological civilization construction and management of mineral resources in China since 2014; reflects the dynamic state of mineral resources management from the perspectives of
mineral resources planning, exploration & mining rights, reserves, exploration, supervision and so on; expounds the reform progress and essential policies from the perspectives of the construction of policy system, reform of taxes and charges; presents the latest progress of China’s technical innovation of geology and mining from the perspectives of geological theories and technologies of exploration and exploitation; summarizes the situation of international cooperation on mineral resources.
We hope this report will be an important way to know of and understand the general situation Foreword
II of mineral resources in China for those who care for and support the country’s undertaking of
mineral resources.
The statistical data of this report are mainly sourced from the National Bureau of Statistics, the
Ministry of Land and Resources and the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, excluding those of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province.

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2015中国矿产资源-China Mineral Resources 2015
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