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河马奥古斯丁的反远洋基督教,396-430-The anti-pelagian christology of Augustine of Hippo, 396-430

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标题(title):The anti-pelagian christology of Augustine of Hippo, 396-430
作者(author):Keech, Dominic
出版社(publisher):Oxford University Press
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Falling outside of the usual categories of Patristic Christological discourse, Augustine’s Christology remains a relatively neglected area of his thought. This study focuses on his understanding of the humanity of Christ as it emerged in dialogue with his anti-Pelagian conception of human freedom and Original Sin. By reinterpreting the Pelagian controversy as a Western continuation of the Origenist controversy before it, it argues that Augustine’s reading of Origen lay at the heart of his Christological response to Pelagianism. Augustine is, therefore, situated within the network of fourth- and fifth-century Western theologians concerned to defend Origen’s orthodoxy—and the orthodoxy of a broader Christian Platonism—against their opponents. Opening with a survey of scholarship in the areas of both Augustinian Christology and Augustine’s anti-Pelagianism, it proceeds by detailing Augustine’s engagement with the issues and personalities involved in both the Origenist and Pelagian controversies. Chapter 3 examines the importance of Augustine’s understanding of Christ ‘in the likeness of sinful flesh’ (Rom 8.3) within his anti-Pelagian works; Chapter 4 traces the dependence of this motif on Origen’s exegesis. The fifth chapter considers Augustine’s treatment of Christ’s soul in relation to his understanding of Apollinarianism. The study concludes by exploring Augustine’s handling of the origin of the soul, suggesting that the inconsistencies in his Christology can be explained by recourse to an Origenian framework, in which the soul of Christ remains sinless in the Incarnation because of its relationship to the eternal Word after the Fall of souls to embodiment

Keywords: Origen, Ambrose, Jerome, Rufinus of Aquilei, Pelagianism, Origenism, Original Sin, flesh of sin, soul, virginal conception, ty
Table of contents :
1. Recovering an Augustinian Christology --
character of Augustine's Christology --
Issues of periodization and thematics --
Dominant trajections in scholarship --
context of this study: the Pelagian controversy --
Narratives of development and change: Augustine and Brown's lost future --
Synopsis --
2. Augustine and Origen: Fathers of Pelagianism --
Augustine: a heretic
reluctant --
Pelagius and Pelagianisms --
Augustine's Pelagianism --
Jerome, Rufinus, and the Origenist controversy --
Augustine's dispute with Jerome --
Augustine's library --
Conclusion and foreword --
3. Divine Humanity in Sin's Likeness --
Early theological anthropology --
Early exegesis of Romans 8:3 --
theological anthropology of the anti-Pelagian treatises --
Romans 8:3 from 411 to 420 --
Julian of Eclanum and Semi-Pelagianism --
Romans 8:3 and the works against Julian --
Conclusion --
4. Augustine, Origen, and the Exegesis of Romans 8:3 --
Ambrosiaster and the Massa Peccati --
Ambrosiaster on Romans 8:3 --
Ambrose of Milan --
Origen, Ambrose, and Augustine --
De Consensu Evangelistarum (400) and Homily 28 --
Epistle 140 (De Gratia Novi Testamenti) (412) and Homily 14 --
Sermons 361 and 192 and the Commentarioli in Psalmos --
Augustine and Origen's commentary on Romans --
Gyorgy Heidl and Augustine's secret library --
Conclusion --
5. Apollinaris Redux? Augustine and the Psychology of Christ --
Julian and the issue of seeds --
Julian's Christological critique --
Augustine against Apollinaris --
Overview --
Christ's sensus humanus --
inner life of Christ: a human will? --
Further proof? Christ's human knowledge --
Conclusion --
6. Election of the Dominical Human: Augustine and the Unfallen Soul of Christ --
Robert J. O'Connell and scholarship on the soul's origin --
origin of the soul in the Origenist and Pelagian controversies --
case of mistaken identities? Augustine and Christ, Dominicus Homo --
Christ, incarnate by unmerited grace --
issue of lots: De Gratia Novi Testamenti and De Genesi ad Litteram 10 --
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河马奥古斯丁的反远洋基督教,396-430-The anti-pelagian christology of Augustine of Hippo, 396-430
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