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十一月三周:1847年瑞士内战的军事史-Three Weeks in November: A Military History of the Swiss Civil War of 1847文件编号:1149

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标题(title):Three Weeks in November: A Military History of the Swiss Civil War of 1847
作者(author):Ralph Weaver
出版社(publisher):Helion & Company
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The political phenomenon known as the 'Springtime of the Nations' swept through Europe in 1848, toppling thrones, forcing old autocratic regimes to grant constitutions to the people and bringing street fighting and large scale campaigns to cities and states across the continent. What is not generally known is that a precursor to these events had already taken place in the center of Europe in the Alpine valleys of the collection of independent states known collectively as Switzerland. In November 1847, twelve of the Swiss cantons went to war with seven other cantons over the future of the country. The campaign lasted just three weeks, with only a few hundred casualties and ended with the establishment of the modern Swiss state we have today. If it had not ended so quickly it is likely that France, Austria and Prussia would have become involved, which would have led to a European-wide war. This book is unique in that it concentrates on the military aspects of this episode in history. As well as an outline of the campaign itself, it covers the strengths and organization of each canton; in 1847 each was a separate state with its own army. Included are chapters on the uniforms of the cantons' armies, their battle flags, weapons and distinguishing badges. The major battle of the war, at Gislikon (modern Gisikon), a small village with a strategic river crossing, just north of the city of Luzern, is treated in detail. As well as the general picture, individual soldiers' stories illustrate the combat techniques of the period. Biographies are given of some of the leading figures from both sides of the conflict, which demonstrate the European dimension. Many served in French, Dutch and Neapolitan armies before taking appointments in the Swiss canton armies. To compliment the text the book is well illustrated with a mixture of contemporary pictures, in color and black and white, and also specially produced color plates of Swiss canton uniforms and flags. So that the reader can follow the campaign, maps from official Swiss sources are included. Orders of battle for all the cantons and detailed orders of battle for the main action at Gislikon are also provided. This is the latest title in Helion's ground-breaking series of 19th Century studies, and will again appear in hardback as a strictly limited edition printing of 500 copies, each individually numbered and signed by the author on a decorative title page.REVIEWS If ever there was a proof of the adage good things come in small packages, it is this small book about a short war If you are interested in the minor wars of the mid-nineteenth century, this reasonably priced softback is well worth adding to your collection. -Miniature Wargames and Battlegames (May 2016)"

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