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二十一世纪的儿童发展与教育-Child Development and Education in the Twenty-First Century

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标题(title):Child Development and Education in the Twenty-First Century
作者(author):Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla
出版社(publisher):Springer Singapore
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This book provides an in-depth understanding of how children’s development at different stages of their lives interfaces with the kind of education and support they need at school and home. It examines closely how education, in turn, influences their development and prepares them for an uncertain future. The chapters focus on the rapid developments of the 21st century that are changing the nature of education, especially the shift needed to being able to sift through and meaningfully deal with overwhelming volumes of information now available. This book helps readers understand how children can benefit from the digital environment while avoiding its pitfalls. Keeping in mind that in today’s world parents are getting to spend less time with their children, the authors provide research-backed ideas on how they can best enable children’s development, including their thoughts, feelings and notions of self. Given the increasing disparities, there is a perceptive analysis of how education can build an awareness of equity in a context marked by diversity and disadvantage. This book addresses issues such as these in a reliable, scholarly yet accessible manner, for students, young researchers and lay readers. Consequently, it is a valuable source of fundamental insights and understanding for educators, policy-makers, educational administrators and students of human and child development, education, and teacher training courses.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Child Development and Education in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 3-20
Children and Education: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 21-38
Front Matter ....Pages 39-39
Development in Early Childhood (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 41-61
Learning in Early Childhood (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 63-81
Middle Childhood and Adolescence: Development and Learning (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 83-106
Child Development and Education in the Context of Family (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 107-123
Front Matter ....Pages 125-125
Literacy and Reading in Childhood and Beyond (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 127-150
Children’s Development in the Digital Age (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 151-172
Front Matter ....Pages 173-173
Education in a Changing World (Priti Joshi, Subir Shukla)....Pages 175-195
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二十一世纪的儿童发展与教育-Child Development and Education in the Twenty-First Century
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