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失败的利己主义者的忏悔-Confessions of a Failed Egoist

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标题(title):Confessions of a Failed Egoist
作者(author):Trevor Blake
出版社(publisher):Underworld Amusements
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"Egoism builds a shanty, not a shelter, on the plateau of heresy. Egoism stakes a claim and keeps moving. Most people muddle through the day. A minority seek to rule the muddle. A smaller minority still seek to reform the rulers, and a smaller number seek revolution, and a very small number repudiate the revolution, the reform and the rulers alike. Egoism is in that smallest minority, the imp of the perverse and the bur under the saddle, nobody’s friend and its own worst enemy. Egoism isn’t the boy who laughs and points at the naked emperor, it’s the boy who laughs and points at a naked empire." - Trevor Blake

Confessions of a Failed Egoist and Other Essays is a difficult book, not because it’s hard to understand, but because it gives no leeway to anyone. With surgical wit and wisdom, Trevor deconstructs every pretty lie of modern America, even the pretty lies that he himself is susceptible to. Organized religion and atheism, feminism and patriarchy, anarchism and statism; nothing is off-limits. Like a modern-day Socrates, Trevor Blake chucks dynamite at sacred icons just because, because one spoonful of truth is worth a bucketful of lies.

Explication, rumination and fulmination from Portland author Trevor Blake. Sixteen selections range from a critique of Objectivism to the career of filmmaker Nabil Shaban (focusing on The Skin Horse, a documentary on the sex lives of cripples). In addition there is a history and usage of Multiple Names (popular from obscure art movements like Neoism to common folk mythologies), a biographical sketch of Baltimore native and mutant tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, among other topics. Putting the “I” in “history”, the author touches on a cultural history of Egoism, a personal “trajectory” through Anarchism, and his personal shift on 9/11 are also detailed herein.
Table of contents :
1. Confessions of a Failed Egoist
2. Yes You Can Say No!
3. My Crowded Fist Theater Shouting Fire at the End of Your Nose
4. Trajectory Through Anarchism
5. Co-Remoting with the Thunderous
6. Multiple Name Identities
7. Lan Asaslem! The Unique One Will Not Serve
8. It's a Sin
9. Objectivisn't
10. Infinite Material Universe
11. Really
12. So You Want to Meet an Alien?
13. Why Should I Speak of Them?
14. Triumph of the Wilt
15. Shot from the Egoist Canon
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失败的利己主义者的忏悔-Confessions of a Failed Egoist
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