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国际间真正的分歧:论情景主义国际及其时代,1972-The Real Split in the International: Theses on the Situationist Internatio

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标题(title):The Real Split in the International: Theses on the Situationist International and Its Time, 1972
作者(author):Situationist International; Internationale Situationniste; Guy Debord; Gianfranco Sanguinetti; Raoul Vaneigem; René Riesel; René Viénet
出版社(publisher):Pluto Press
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First published in 1972 in Paris, The Real Split in the International is regarded as one of Guy Debord's finest works.Exploding as politically revolutionary at the heart of the Paris 1968 uprisings, the Situationist International has proved a tenaciously compelling radical movement in terms of asthetics and political theory.This crucially important book is not only a philosophical landmark, it is also a cult classic that has has established the Situationist movement -- of which Debord was the key member -- as one of the most influential of the twentieth century.This new translation by John McHale is the first officially authorised in English. The book has previously been available only in underground or online formats, so McHale's work promises to bring the work of the Situationists to an even wider audience.The Real Split in the International sees Debord not only evaluate the movement as a whole, but also signal the end of it. For him, it had become clear that the Situationist's success had produced -- within its own ranks as well as outside them -- a host of fans and 'onlookers' who amounted to little more than consumers of a radicality that had become fashionable. In this way the movement had begun to encompass the very 'society of the spectacle' that the Situationists had challenged. There was a danger that Situationist theory could turn into ideology -- Debord's reaction was to break up the movement.
Table of contents :
Introduction by John McHale
Theses on the Situationist International and Its Time by Guy Debord and Gianfranco Sanguinetti
Appendix 1: Notes to Serve Towards the History of the SI from 1969 to 1971 by Guy Debord
Appendix 2: On Our Enemies' Decay by Guy Debord
Appendix 3: Guy Debord's report to the Seventh SI Conference in Paris (excerpts)
Appendix 4: Raoul Vaneigem's Letter of Resignation
Appendix 5: Communique from the SI Concerning Vaneigem
Appendix 6: Declaration of 11 November 1970 by Guy Debord, René Riesel and René Vienet
Appendix 7: Statutes Adopted at the Venice Conference on 30 September 1969 (excerpt)
Appendix 8: The Detournements in the Theses on the Situationist International and Its Time
Appendix 9: Detournement as Negation and Prelude by Guy Debord
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国际间真正的分歧:论情景主义国际及其时代,1972-The Real Split in the International: Theses on the Situationist Internatio
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