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保罗与希腊化语境下的古代修辞学理论与实践-Paul and Ancient Rhetoric Theory and Practice in the Hellenistic Context

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标题(title):Paul and Ancient Rhetoric Theory and Practice in the Hellenistic Context
作者(author):Stanley E. Porter
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The Apostle Paul lived and breathed in a Hellenistic culture that
placed high value on the art of rhetoric, and recent advances in
rhetorical criticism of the New Testament have resulted in a new
emphasis on the rhetorical aspect of his letters. As many scholars have
pointed out, however, it is not clear to what extent ancient rhetoric
actually influenced Paul and his writing or how important rhetoric is
for interpreting the Pauline corpus. This volume, containing contributions
from major figures in the field, provides a nuanced examination
of how ancient rhetoric should inform our understanding of
Paul and his letters.
The essays discuss Paul’s historical context, present innovative
advances in and trenchant critiques of rhetorical theory, and offer
fresh readings of key Pauline texts. Outlining the strengths and
weaknesses of a widely used approach, Paul and Ancient Rhetoric will
be a valuable resource for New Testament and classics scholars.
Table of contents :
Preface page ix
List of contributors xi
List of abbreviations xii
Paul and Ancient Rhetoric: An Introduction to a Continuing
Discussion 1
Stanley E. Porter and Bryan R. Dyer
part i history of scholarship and key issues 11
1 Can the Theory of Rhetoric Help Us to Understand the
New Testament, and in Particular the Letters of Paul? 13
Carl Joachim Classen
part ii paul, his education, and first-century
culture 41
2 Paul in Tarsus: Historical Factors in Assessing Paul’s Early
Education 43
Andrew W. Pitts
3 Hellenistic Rhetorical Education and Paul’s Letters 68
Christos Kremmydas
4 Paul and Traditions of Greco-Roman Rhetoric 86
Frank W. Hughes
5 Ancient Literate Culture and Popular Rhetorical Knowledge:
Implications for Studying Pauline Rhetoric 96
Stanley E. Porter
part iii issues in the use of ancient rhetoric
in analyzing paul’s letters 117
6 “Delivery, Delivery, Delivery”: Accounting for Performance
in the Rhetoric of Paul’s Letters 119
Glenn S. Holland
7 Epistolography and Rhetoric: Case Not Closed 141
Lauri Thurén
part iv paul and ancient rhetoric in practice 161
8 Paul, Classical Rhetoric, and Oracular Fullness of Meaning
in Romans 1:16–17 163
Robert G. Hall
9 “I Do Not Understand What I Do”: A Challenge to
Understanding Romans 7 as Prosopopoeia 186
Bryan R. Dyer
10 Parenesis and Peroration: The Rhetorical Function of Romans
12:1–15:13 206
Mark D. Given
11 Navigating First Thessalonians Employing Aristotle’s
Enthymeme 228
Thomas H. Olbricht and Stanley N. Helton
12 Appeals to Logos, Pathos, and Ethos in Galatians 5:1–12:
An Investigation of Paul’s Inventio 245
David A. deSilva
13 Visualizing Philippians: Ancient Rhetorical Practice Meets
Cognitive Science through Sociorhetorical Interpretation 265
L. Gregory Bloomquist
Bibliography 285
Ancient Sources Index 314
Modern Authors Index 325
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保罗与希腊化语境下的古代修辞学理论与实践-Paul and Ancient Rhetoric Theory and Practice in the Hellenistic Context
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