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素食主义者拯救了世界上以植物为基础的食谱,激发了一年中每一周的灵感-Vegans Save the World Plant-Based Recipes and Inspired Ideas for E文件编号:1084

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标题(title):Vegans Save the World Plant-Based Recipes and Inspired Ideas for Every Week of the Year
作者(author):Alice Alvrez , Pamela Wasabi
出版社(publisher):Mango Media
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Millions of people have turned to a plant-based diet for the sake of both themselves and the planet. Now, tens of thousands of people have put down their knives in favor of a vegan or vegetarian diet for weight loss or to control blood pressure and cholesterol. Author Alice Mary Alvrez shares her journey from not-so-healthy carnivore to urban homesteader who turned her health around and contributes to a healthier planet, as well. This utterly unique vegan is cookbook offers over 100 easy-to-make vegan recipes and many basic Woman eco warrior and plant-powered cook, Alvrez shares her green-living methods and cooking techniques, as well a sage advice about food and nutrition. Eating your veggies is essential to good health, especially for families and children. Growing the organic veggies you eat is even better! As instructive as it is inspiring, this book is brimming with excellent information about avoiding unhealthy food additives and the importance of eating clean good and getting educated about your diet. It is also packed with tips and tricks for living vegan and making sure your home and clothing are cruelty-free. Going green and vegan is easier than you think and this book offers a year’s worth of ideas, yummy recipes and ways you can create a sustainable life. More than just a cookbook, Vegans Save the World is necessary reading for anybody considering this lifestyle and a must-have for veggie families with children.

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