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与戏剧、表演和认知科学结伴。-Routledge companion to theatre, performance, and cognitive science.

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标题(title):Routledge companion to theatre, performance, and cognitive science.
作者(author):Bruce A McConachie; Rick Kemp
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The Routledge Companion to Theatre, Performance and Cognitive Science integrates key findings from the cognitive sciences (cognitive psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary studies and relevant social sciences) with insights from theatre and performance studies. This rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field dynamically advances critical and theoretical knowledge, as well as driving innovation in practice. The anthology includes 30 specially commissioned chapters, many written by authors who have been at the cutting-edge of research and practice in the field over the last 15 years. These authors offer many empirical answers to four significant questions: How can performances in theatre, dance and other media achieve more emotional and social impact? 0How can we become more adept teachers and learners of performance both within and outside of classrooms? 0What can the cognitive sciences reveal about the nature of drama and human nature in general? 0How can knowledge transfer, from a synthesis of science and performance, assist professionals such as nurses, care-givers, therapists and emergency workers in their jobs? A wide-ranging and authoritative guide, The Routledge Companion to Theatre, Performance and Cognitive Science is an accessible tool for not only students, but practitioners and researchers in the arts and sciences as well.  Read more...

Table of contents :
General IntroductionBruce McConachie Part I: ArtistryIntroductionRick KempStanislavsky's prescience: The conscious self in the system and Active Analysis as a theory of mindSharon Marie CarnickeThe improviser's lazy brain: improvisation and cognitionGunter LoeselDevising - embodied creation in distributed systemsRick KempEmbodied cognition and Shakespearean performanceDarren TunstallThe remains of ancient action: Understanding affect and empathy in Greek dramaPeter MeineckMinding implicit constraints in dance improvisationPil HansenApplying developmental epistemic cognition to theatre for young audiencesJeanne Klein4E cognition for directing: Thornton Wilder's Our Town and Caryl Churchill'sLight Shining in BuckinghamshireRhonda BlairActing and EmotionVladimir Mirodan Part II: LearningIntroduction Bruce McConachieImprovising communication in Pleistocene performancesBruce McConachieRitual transformation and transmissionDavid MasonCommunities of gesture: Empathy and embodiment in Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company's 100 MigrationsAriel NeresonCreative storytelling, crossing boundaries, high-impact learning and social engagementNancy KindelanFrom banana phones to the bard: The developmental psychology of actingThalia R. Goldstein'I'm giving everybody notes using his body': Framing actors' observation of performanceClaire SylerActing technique, Jacques Lecoq, and embodied meaningRick Kemp Part III: ScholarshipIntroductionBruce McConachieSystems theory, enaction and performing artsGabriele SofiaWatching movement: Phenomenology, cognition, performanceStanton B. Garner, Jr.Attention to theatrical performancesJames HamiltonEmergence, meaning and presence: An interdisciplinary approach to a disciplinary questionAmy CookRelishing performance: Rasa as participatory sense-makingErin B. MeeThe self, ethics, agency and tragedyDavid PalmerAesthetics and the sensibleJohn LutterbieTalk this dance: On the conceptualization of dance as fictive conversationAna Margarida Abrantes and Esther PascualDistributed cognition: Studying theatre in the wildEvelyn Tribble and Robin Dixon Part IV: Translational ApplicationsIntroductionRick KempA theatrical intervention to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementiaTony and Helga NoiceThe Performance of Caring: Theatre, empathetic communication and healthcareRick Kemp and Rachel DeSoto-JacksonAwareness performing: Practice and protocolExperience BryonImagining the ecologies of autismMelissa Trimingham and Nicola ShaughnessyToward consilience: Integrating performance history with the coevolutionof our speciesBruce McConachie
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与戏剧、表演和认知科学结伴。-Routledge companion to theatre, performance, and cognitive science.
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