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从跨学科研究反思社区-Rethinking Community Through Transdisciplinary Research

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标题(title):Rethinking Community Through Transdisciplinary Research
作者(author):Bettina Jansen
出版社(publisher):Palgrave Macmillan
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This book offers the first interdisciplinary survey of community research in the humanities and social sciences to consider such diverse disciplines as philosophy, religious studies, anthropology, sociology, disabilities studies, linguistics, communication studies, and film studies. Bringing together leading international experts, the collection of essays critically maps and explores the state of the art in community research, while also developing future perspectives for a cross-disciplinary rethinking of community.
Pursuing such a critical, transdisciplinary approach to community, the book argues, can counteract reductive appropriations of the term ‘community’ and, instead, pave the way for a novel assessment of the concept’s complexity. Since community is, above all, a lived practice that shapes people’s everyday lives, the essays also suggest ways of redoing community; they discuss concrete examples of community practice, thereby bridging the gap between scholars and activists working in the field.
Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Introduction (Bettina Jansen)....Pages 1-28
Front Matter ....Pages 29-29
Rethinking Sociological Perspectives on Community and Commonality: Contours of Micro-Sociological Community Research (Matthias Grundmann, Frank Osterloh)....Pages 31-47
Rethinking Anthropological Perspectives on Community: Watchful Indifference and Joint Commitment (Vered Amit)....Pages 49-67
Diversity in Community: Rethinking Psychological Perspectives on Bridging Differences (Meg A. Bond)....Pages 69-83
Rethinking Philosophical Perspectives on Community: Prepositional Community (Irving Goh)....Pages 85-96
Front Matter ....Pages 97-97
Rethinking Community in Communication and Information Studies: Digital Community and Community ‘to Go’ (Mary Chayko)....Pages 99-110
Rethinking Community in Linguistics: Language and Community in the Digital Age (Sven Leuckert)....Pages 111-125
Rethinking Community in Migration Studies: Lessons from Transnational Families for Rethinking the Relationship of ‘Community’ and ‘Society’ (Heike Greschke, Josephine Ott)....Pages 127-143
Front Matter ....Pages 145-145
Rethinking Community in Disability Studies: Chosen and Ascribed Communities or Intersecting Communities and Communities in Conflict (Cassandra Evans, Pamela Block, Maria C. Milazzo)....Pages 147-167
Rethinking Community in Ageing Studies: The Rise of Community Capitalism in Times of Demographic Change (Silke van Dyk)....Pages 169-191
Front Matter ....Pages 193-193
Rethinking Community in Literature and Literary Studies: The Secret Communal Life of Toni Morrison’s Paradise (Paula Martín-Salván)....Pages 195-212
Image-Space and Space of Experience: Rethinking Community in the Cinema (Hauke Lehmann)....Pages 213-229
Rethinking Community in Community Music: The Call, the Welcome, and the ‘Yes’ (Lee Higgins)....Pages 231-246
Front Matter ....Pages 247-247
Promoting the “Peaceable Garden Culture of Religion”: The Challenges of Growing Inclusive and Just Community from the Perspective of Theology and Religious Studies (Pauline C. H. Kollontai)....Pages 249-264
Rethinking Community in a Sport for Development and Peace Context (Holly Collison, Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti)....Pages 265-283
‘A New We’: Post-Individualistic Community-Based Initiatives as Social Innovations? Empirical Observations in Intentional Communities (Iris Kunze)....Pages 285-305
Back Matter ....Pages 307-311
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从跨学科研究反思社区-Rethinking Community Through Transdisciplinary Research
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