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计算机视觉——ACTV 2018研讨会:第14届亚洲计算机视觉会议,澳大利亚珀斯,2018年12月2日至6日,修订精选论文-Computer Vision – ACCV 2018 Workshops:

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标题(title):Computer Vision – ACCV 2018 Workshops: 14th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Perth, Australia, December 2–6, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
计算机视觉——ACTV 2018研讨会:第14届亚洲计算机视觉会议,澳大利亚珀斯,2018年12月2日至6日,修订精选论文
作者(author):Gustavo Carneiro, Shaodi You
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):81 MB (85434873 bytes)

This LNCS workshop proceedings, ACCV 2018, contains carefully reviewed and selected papers from 11 workshops, each having different types or programs: Scene Understanding and Modelling (SUMO) Challenge, Learning and Inference Methods for High Performance Imaging (LIMHPI), Attention/Intention Understanding (AIU), Museum Exhibit Identification Challenge (Open MIC) for Domain Adaptation and Few-Shot Learning, RGB-D - Sensing and Understanding via Combined Colour and Depth, Dense 3D Reconstruction for Dynamic Scenes, AI Aesthetics in Art and Media (AIAM), Robust Reading (IWRR), Artificial Intelligence for Retinal Image Analysis (AIRIA), Combining Vision and Language, Advanced Machine Vision for Real-life and Industrially Relevant Applications (AMV).

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Anti-occlusion Light-Field Optical Flow Estimation Using Light-Field Super-Pixels (Hao Zhu, Xiaoming Sun, Qi Zhang, Qing Wang, Antonio Robles-Kelly, Hongdong Li)....Pages 3-12
Front Matter ....Pages 13-13
Localizing the Gaze Target of a Crowd of People (Yuki Kodama, Yasutomo Kawanishi, Takatsugu Hirayama, Daisuke Deguchi, Ichiro Ide, Hiroshi Murase et al.)....Pages 15-30
A Thumb Tip Wearable Device Consisting of Multiple Cameras to Measure Thumb Posture (Naoto Ienaga, Wataru Kawai, Koji Fujita, Natsuki Miyata, Yuta Sugiura, Hideo Saito)....Pages 31-38
Summarizing Videos with Attention (Jiri Fajtl, Hajar Sadeghi Sokeh, Vasileios Argyriou, Dorothy Monekosso, Paolo Remagnino)....Pages 39-54
Gait-Based Age Estimation Using a DenseNet (Atsuya Sakata, Yasushi Makihara, Noriko Takemura, Daigo Muramatsu, Yasushi Yagi)....Pages 55-63
Human Action Recognition via Body Part Region Segmented Dense Trajectories (Kaho Yamada, Seiya Ito, Naoshi Kaneko, Kazuhiko Sumi)....Pages 64-72
Front Matter ....Pages 73-73
Let AI Clothe You: Diversified Fashion Generation (Rajdeep H. Banerjee, Anoop Rajagopal, Nilpa Jha, Arun Patro, Aruna Rajan)....Pages 75-87
Word-Conditioned Image Style Transfer (Yu Sugiyama, Keiji Yanai)....Pages 88-99
Font Style Transfer Using Neural Style Transfer and Unsupervised Cross-domain Transfer (Atsushi Narusawa, Wataru Shimoda, Keiji Yanai)....Pages 100-109
Paying Attention to Style: Recognizing Photo Styles with Convolutional Attentional Units (John See, Lai-Kuan Wong, Magzhan Kairanbay)....Pages 110-124
Front Matter ....Pages 125-125
E2E-MLT - An Unconstrained End-to-End Method for Multi-language Scene Text (Michal Bušta, Yash Patel, Jiri Matas)....Pages 127-143
An Invoice Reading System Using a Graph Convolutional Network (D. Lohani, A. Belaïd, Y. Belaïd)....Pages 144-158
Reading Industrial Inspection Sheets by Inferring Visual Relations (Rohit Rahul, Arindam Chowdhury, Animesh, Samarth Mittal, Lovekesh Vig)....Pages 159-173
Learning to Clean: A GAN Perspective (Monika Sharma, Abhishek Verma, Lovekesh Vig)....Pages 174-185
Deep Reader: Information Extraction from Document Images via Relation Extraction and Natural Language (D. Vishwanath, Rohit Rahul, Gunjan Sehgal, Swati, Arindam Chowdhury, Monika Sharma et al.)....Pages 186-201
Simultaneous Recognition of Horizontal and Vertical Text in Natural Images (Chankyu Choi, Youngmin Yoon, Junsu Lee, Junseok Kim)....Pages 202-212
Front Matter ....Pages 213-213
Automatic Retinal and Choroidal Boundary Segmentation in OCT Images Using Patch-Based Supervised Machine Learning Methods (David Alonso-Caneiro, Jason Kugelman, Jared Hamwood, Scott A. Read, Stephen J. Vincent, Fred K. Chen et al.)....Pages 215-228
Discrimination Ability of Glaucoma via DCNNs Models from Ultra-Wide Angle Fundus Images Comparing Either Full or Confined to the Optic Disc (Hitoshi Tabuchi, Hiroki Masumoto, Shunsuke Nakakura, Asuka Noguchi, Hirotaka Tanabe)....Pages 229-234
Synthesizing New Retinal Symptom Images by Multiple Generative Models (Yi-Chieh Liu, Hao-Hsiang Yang, C.-H. Huck Yang, Jia-Hong Huang, Meng Tian, Hiromasa Morikawa et al.)....Pages 235-250
Retinal Detachment Screening with Ensembles of Neural Network Models (Hiroki Masumoto, Hitoshi Tabuchi, Shoto Adachi, Shunsuke Nakakura, Hideharu Ohsugi, Daisuke Nagasato)....Pages 251-260
Recent Developments of Retinal Image Analysis in Alzheimer’s Disease and Potential AI Applications (Delia Cabrera DeBuc, Edmund Arthur)....Pages 261-275
Intermediate Goals in Deep Learning for Retinal Image Analysis (Gilbert Lim, Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee)....Pages 276-281
Enhanced Detection of Referable Diabetic Retinopathy via DCNNs and Transfer Learning (Michelle Yuen Ting Yip, Zhan Wei Lim, Gilbert Lim, Nguyen Duc Quang, Haslina Hamzah, Jinyi Ho et al.)....Pages 282-288
Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Retinal Fundus Image Synthesis (Valentina Bellemo, Philippe Burlina, Liu Yong, Tien Yin Wong, Daniel Shu Wei Ting)....Pages 289-302
AI-based AMD Analysis: A Review of Recent Progress (P. Burlina, N. Joshi, N. M. Bressler)....Pages 303-308
Artificial Intelligence Using Deep Learning in Classifying Side of the Eyes and Width of Field for Retinal Fundus Photographs (Valentina Bellemo, Michelle Yuen Ting Yip, Yuchen Xie, Xin Qi Lee, Quang Duc Nguyen, Haslina Hamzah et al.)....Pages 309-315
OCT Segmentation via Deep Learning: A Review of Recent Work (M. Pekala, N. Joshi, T. Y. Alvin Liu, N. M. Bressler, D. Cabrera DeBuc, P. Burlina)....Pages 316-322
Auto-classification of Retinal Diseases in the Limit of Sparse Data Using a Two-Streams Machine Learning Model (C.-H. Huck Yang, Fangyu Liu, Jia-Hong Huang, Meng Tian, M. D. I-Hung Lin, Yi Chieh Liu et al.)....Pages 323-338
Front Matter ....Pages 339-339
LoANs: Weakly Supervised Object Detection with Localizer Assessor Networks (Christian Bartz, Haojin Yang, Joseph Bethge, Christoph Meinel)....Pages 341-356
Reaching Behind Specular Highlights by Registration of Two Images of Broiler Viscera (Anders Jørgensen, Malte Pedersen, Rikke Gade, Jens Fagertun, Thomas B. Moeslund)....Pages 357-372
Anomaly Detection Using GANs for Visual Inspection in Noisy Training Data (Masanari Kimura, Takashi Yanagihara)....Pages 373-385
Integration of Driver Behavior into Emotion Recognition Systems: A Preliminary Study on Steering Wheel and Vehicle Acceleration (Sina Shafaei, Tahir Hacizade, Alois Knoll)....Pages 386-401
Prediction Based Deep Autoencoding Model for Anomaly Detection (Zhanzhong Pang, Xiaoyi Yu, Jun Sun, Inakoshi Hiroya)....Pages 402-417
Multimodal Sensor Fusion in Single Thermal Image Super-Resolution (Feras Almasri, Olivier Debeir)....Pages 418-433
PCA-RECT: An Energy-Efficient Object Detection Approach for Event Cameras (Bharath Ramesh, Andrés Ussa, Luca Della Vedova, Hong Yang, Garrick Orchard)....Pages 434-449
Unconstrained Iris Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks (Sohaib Ahmad, Benjamin Fuller)....Pages 450-466
Simultaneous Multi-view Relative Pose Estimation and 3D Reconstruction from Planar Regions (Robert Frohlich, Zoltan Kato)....Pages 467-483
WNet: Joint Multiple Head Detection and Head Pose Estimation from a Spectator Crowd Image (Yasir Jan, Ferdous Sohel, Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin, Kok Wai Wong)....Pages 484-493
Markerless Augmented Advertising for Sports Videos (Hallee E. Wong, Osman Akar, Emmanuel Antonio Cuevas, Iuliana Tabian, Divyaa Ravichandran, Iris Fu et al.)....Pages 494-509
Visual Siamese Clustering for Cosmetic Product Recommendation (Christopher J. Holder, Boguslaw Obara, Stephen Ricketts)....Pages 510-522
Multimodal Deep Neural Networks Based Ensemble Learning for X-Ray Object Recognition (Quan Kong, Naoto Akira, Bin Tong, Yuki Watanabe, Daisuke Matsubara, Tomokazu Murakami)....Pages 523-538
Correction to: PCA-RECT: An Energy-Efficient Object Detection Approach for Event Cameras (Bharath Ramesh, Andrés Ussa, Luca Della Vedova, Hong Yang, Garrick Orchard)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 539-541


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计算机视觉——ACTV 2018研讨会:第14届亚洲计算机视觉会议,澳大利亚珀斯,2018年12月2日至6日,修订精选论文-Computer Vision – ACCV 2018 Workshops:
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