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第十三届管理科学与工程管理国际会议论文集:第一卷-Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Management Scienc文件编号:1069

上传于 2020年2月27日 10:23
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标题(title):Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management: Volume 1
作者(author):Jiuping Xu, Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Fang Lee Cooke, Gheorghe Duca
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):43 MB (44642841 bytes)

This book gathers the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM 2019), which was held at Brock University, Ontario, Canada on August 5–8, 2019. Exploring the latest ideas and pioneering research achievements in management science and engineering management, the respective contributions highlight both theoretical and practical studies on management science and computing methodologies, and present advanced management concepts and computing technologies for decision-making problems involving large, uncertain and unstructured data. Accordingly, the proceedings offer researchers and practitioners in related fields an essential update, as well as a source of new research directions.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvi
Advancement of Data Analysis and Mining, Decision Support System, and Computing Science Based on the Thirteenth ICMSEM Proceedings (Jiuping Xu)....Pages 1-10
Front Matter ....Pages 11-11
Threats in the Internet of Things Pertaining to Digital Data (Qamar ul Arafeen, Asif Kamran, Najam ul Arifeen, Asad Ali Shaikh, Nadeem A Syed)....Pages 13-29
Influence Factors on Investment Efficiency of the Agriculture PPP Project based on DEA-Tobit Method (Guoqiang Xiong, Yang Chai, Yue Cao, Xian Wang)....Pages 30-40
A Comparative Analysis on Chinese and Foreign Smart City Studies—from a Bibliometric Perspective (Xiaojun Liu, Mao Xu)....Pages 41-53
Hotspot and Trend Visualization Analysis of Enterprise Dynamic Capability Research (Huixiang Zhang, Yuan Yuan)....Pages 54-69
Measuring the Weather Variability Effects on the Agricultural Sector in Morocco (Karim Belcaid, Ahmed El Ghini)....Pages 70-84
On the Simultaneous Estimation of Weibull Reliability Functions (Muhammad Kashif Ali Shah, Nighat Zahra, Syed Ejaz Ahmed)....Pages 85-108
Nonparametric Regression Estimates Based on Imputation Techniques for Right-Censored Data (Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Dursun Aydin, Ersin Yılmaz)....Pages 109-120
Weak Signals in High-Dimensional Logistic Regression Models (Orawan Reangsephet, Supranee Lisawadi, Syed Ejaz Ahmed)....Pages 121-133
Prediction of Rumors Wide-Spreading on Social Media by Logistic Regression Modeling: Taking Water Resource Pollution Rumors Spreading as an Example (Siqi Li, Zongmin Li)....Pages 134-146
Shrinkage and Sparse Estimation for High-Dimensional Linear Models (M. Noori Asl, H. Bevrani, R. Arabi Belaghi, Syed Ejaz Ahmed)....Pages 147-156
On Some Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Their Connection to Graphical Methods with Uncensored and Censored Data (Claudia Castro-Kuriss, Mauricio Huerta, Víctor Leiva, Alejandra Tapia)....Pages 157-183
Measuring the Operation Performance of Unattended Convenience Store Using a Two-stage SBM Method (Yuhong Shuai, Tingting Liu, Xudong Chen, Liming Yao)....Pages 184-197
Efficiently Combining Data from Various Sources (Sévérien Nkurunziza)....Pages 198-210
Neural Network Synchronization with Uncertain Coupling Delay Function (Zahra Mohammadzadeh, Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri)....Pages 211-220
An Approach for Processing the Real-time Monitoring Data of Water Quality and Its Application in Water Quality Evaluating (Shiliang Gao, Linsong Zhang, Jingneng Ni)....Pages 221-233
A Scientometric Review of Emerging Trends in Green Manufacturing (Shengnan Ning, Xiaoping Li)....Pages 234-247
Analysis and Prediction of Unmanned Driving Control Network Based on Vehicle Flow and Speed (Baiyu Chen, Da Fu, Yuanyuan Yang, Junli Zeng)....Pages 248-260
Stack Allowance Trading Mechanism Based Optimization Strategy for Phosphogypsum Reduction in Phosphate Fertilizer Plants (Lurong Fan, Guojiao Chen, Zongmin Li, Benjamin Lev, Xiaoyang Zhou)....Pages 261-272
A Choquet Integral-Based GLDS Method for Green Supplier Selection with Hesitant Fuzzy Information (Zhiqiang Liao, Huchang Liao, Abdullah Al-Barakati)....Pages 273-282
Forecast Scrap Generation and Emission Reduction of China’s Steel Industry (Minxi Wang, Yuhang Tian, Yanan Liang, Runbo Zhou, Yinda Luo, Xin Li)....Pages 283-292
Front Matter ....Pages 292-293
Classification-Oriented Fuzzy-Rough Feature Selection for the EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces (Zhimiao Tao)....Pages 295-307
Research on Dynamic Development Mechanism of Collaborative Consumption System Based on Evolutionary Game Theory (Lu Huang, Huaping Zhang, Yuan Li)....Pages 308-321
Experimental Study on Scanning of Degraded Braille Books for Recognition of Dots by Machine Learning (Hiroyuki Kawabe, Shuichi Seto, Hidetaka Nambo, Yuko Shimomura)....Pages 322-334
Braille Translation System Using Neural Machine Translation Technology I - Code Conversion (Yuko Shimomura, Hiroyuki Kawabe, Hidetaka Nambo, Shuichi Seto)....Pages 335-345
Comparison of University Graduates’ Employment Cities Based on AHP (Hongjiang Zhang, Hongyan Zheng, Zhi Deng)....Pages 346-358
Business Model, Lean and Green Management and Industry 4.0: A Conceptual Relationship (Susana Duarte, Maria do Rosário Cabrita, V. Cruz-Machado)....Pages 359-372
Location Model of Distribution Centers in Poverty-Stricken Areas Based on Multi-level Fuzzy Programming (Zhineng Hu, Shuangyi Zheng, Qiong Feng, Dunzhe Tang)....Pages 373-386
Misspecified Restriction in Partial Linear Models (Mohammad Arashi, Toktam Valizadeh)....Pages 387-400
Assessing Robustness of Regularized Regression Models with Applications (Mayooran Thevaraja, Azizur Rahman)....Pages 401-415
Bayesian Predictive Densities as an Interpretation of a Class of Skew–Student t Distributions with Application to Medical Data (Abdolnasser Sadeghkhani, Syed Ejaz Ahmed)....Pages 416-428
LAD, LASSO and Related Strategies in Regression Models (Bahadır Yüzbaşı, Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Mohammad Arashi, Mina Norouzirad)....Pages 429-444
An Optimal Selective Maintenance Model for Multi-state Deteriorating Systems Considering Imperfect Maintenance (Yusheng Wang, Fan Li)....Pages 445-456
Direct and Surrogate Likelihood-Free Statistical Inference for Epidemiological Models in a Network of Contacts (Rocío M. Ávila-Ayala, L. Leticia Ramírez-Ramírez)....Pages 457-469
Partial Least Squares Models and Their Formulations, Diagnostics and Applications to Spectroscopy (Mauricio Huerta, Víctor Leiva, Carolina Marchant, Marcelo Rodríguez)....Pages 470-495
Modelling Short Term Interest Rate Volatility with Time Series Model A Case of Pakistani Financial Markets (Shan Li, Muhammad Abubakar Tahir, Qurat Ul Ain, Tahir Yousaf)....Pages 496-506
Mathematical Models of Lift Systems and Their Simulation (Yuri K. Belyaev, Asaf H. Hajiyev)....Pages 507-519
Efficient Estimation Strategies for Spatial Moving Average Model (Marwan Al-Momani, Syed Ejaz Ahmed, Abdul A. Hussein)....Pages 520-543
A Two-Stage Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment Model for Sustainability Evaluation of Small Hydropower (Ting Ni, Liu Shi, Hao Wen)....Pages 544-557
Integrating the Stochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis with the MULTIMOORA Method for Multiple Criteria Decision Making (Xiaomei Mi, Huchang Liao, Abdullah Al-Barakati)....Pages 558-565
Crash Density and Severity Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks Combined with Particle Swarm Optimization (Xinxin Xu, Ziqiang Zeng, Yinhai Wang, John Ash)....Pages 566-580
Assessing Machine Condition Using MLP and VAE-Based Classifiers Using Acceleration Sensor Data (Takehiro Kasahara, Yuji Yonezawa, Yoshihiro Ueda, Hidetaka Nambo)....Pages 581-591
Front Matter ....Pages 593-593
A Study on Industrial Carbon Emission from the Perspective of Scale-Structure-Technology (Yanqiu He, Siyu Zhu, Rou Chen, Jie Xu, Yunqiang Liu)....Pages 595-606
Applying Fuzzy Linguistic Method to Predict River Runoff (Xinli Zhang, Qinfeng Zhang, Lanqian Zhang)....Pages 607-617
A Study on Decision-Making for Treatment Options of Suspected Cancerous Lesions of Thyroid Nodules Based on the Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term, Interval Probability and Prospect Theory (Yueyu Li)....Pages 618-633
Regional Difference Analysis of Influencing Factors of Land Illegality (Peng Tang, Yue Feng, Aihui Ma, Min Li)....Pages 634-644
A Study on the Urban Emergency Management System Based on the Internet of Things (Qun Meng)....Pages 645-655
Impact of Climate Change on Paddy Production in Malaysia: Empirical Analysis at the National and State Level Experience (Gamini Herath, Akram Hasanov, Jeehye Park)....Pages 656-664
A Decision-Tree Analysis of the Relationship between Social Development and Homicide Rates (J. Octavio Gutierrez-Garcia, Andrés Gómez de Silva Garza, L. Leticia Ramírez-Ramírez, Rodrigo Patiño, Eduardo Candela)....Pages 665-677
Maintenance Management in Wind Turbines by Monitoring the Bearing Temperature (Ana María Peco Chacón, Long Zhang, Fausto Pedro García Márquez)....Pages 678-687
Water Allocation Plan to Meet Multi-regional Relevance Needs (Lu Zhao, Xudong Chen)....Pages 688-700
Evaluation Index System for Optimizing Utilization of Rural Construction Land (Xuan Deng, Hu Ke, Lu Gan)....Pages 701-712
Multi-objective Optimization Problem for Hydroelectric Construction Project and Strategy Analysis (Huan Zheng, Hailong Bai)....Pages 713-720
Is Porter Hypothesis True or FalseA Perspective Based on Environmental Strategic Orientation (Liming Zhang, Li Yang, Fei Ye, Guichuan Zhou)....Pages 721-738
A New Approach Based on Parametric Linearization Technique for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems (Asadollah Mahmoudzadeh Vaziri, Sorab Effati)....Pages 739-749
Multiobjective PSO Algorithm with Multi-directional Convergence Strategy to Solve Flow Shop Scheduling Problems (Wenqiang Zhang, Wenlin Hou, Diji Y
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